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Terrance Barkan CAE
Helping associations to grow internationally and how to use social media
Helping associations to grow internationally and how to use social media

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LinkedIn Social Advertising Privacy Fix...Almost

When LinkedIn changed its privacy policy and automatically opted-in its users to the new "Social Advertsing" platform, it upset a large part of the LinkedIn Community.

Although LinkedIn has reacted and made a change, they still failed to react in a way that really fixes the problem. Member photos will no longer appear alongside advertising but LinkedIn Users are still auto-opted-in, the real cause for the uproar.

If LinkedIn really wants to win the trust of its members, they would unsubscribe all members and let us subscribe in willingly, not the other way round.

Read the original article, LinkedIn's official response and how to opt-out:

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LinkedIn pulls a "Facebook" - Is your image and online activity being used by LinkedIn to help sell paid advertising?

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Just read a great book that I found to be very interesting and useful regarding international growth, in particular, for emerging markets.

The book is "Winning in Emerging Markets", written by Tarun Khanna and Krishna G. Palepu, and is published by Harvard Business Press.

Although it is written for a corporate audience, I found that virtually all of the concepts and ideas they put forward can be applied to associations.

If you are interested, I have written a short review of some key points and how they relate to associations:

If anyone has already read this book, I would love to get your feedback and views about it.

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GOOGLE+ starting to feel a bit spammy. Despite its possible flaws, LinkedIn at least have pretty much eliminated the spam element. Facebook, which I do not consider suitable or use for professional business purposes, at least prevents people from following you without your permission.

I really like most of the new features of G+ and the potential for collaboration and contact management (Huddles and Circles) but its future as an effective tool for professional use can be damaged with too much unwanted intrusion. (i.e. People are already really using it to spam with a constant stream of consciousness babble...) Thoughts?

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Had a great experience in London at the Association Conference, reconnecting with some of my European association colleagues and making new connections. For anyone that is interested, here is a link to my presentation: "Social Media: Threat or Promise?"

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Is GOOGLE+ the Missing Link? What do you think so far?
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