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Melior Innovations
Melior Innovations: Delivering Material Value
Melior Innovations: Delivering Material Value


Why Choose Melior?

Every day we strive to create. Melior, Latin for “better,” describes our belief in the power of innovation and that there are alternative technical solutions to long-standing material and industry challenges that alter the status quo, creating new growth and value generation for Melior Innovations and its partners.

Our technology and products serve the oil and gas; paints and coatings; and electronic materials markets, providing our customers and their value chain a clear competitive advantage in overall cost and performance. Our innovative business model allows us to be flexible in our approach to markets, through the direct sale of product or collaborative licensing of technology.

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Who is Melior Innovations?

Melior Innovations is built on a culture of pushing the envelope to create better solutions AND apply them to market needs. Led by a talented blend of innovators and operators, Melior Innovations is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in products and costs and deliver it to its intended markets.

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Melior Technology has changed its name to Melior Innovations Inc.

Melior Innovations™ is a materials technology company. Our mission is the creation and delivery of disruptive technologies that drive lasting change in our chosen markets, creating new and unique opportunities for customers, partners, suppliers, employees and investors.

Look for our new website coming soon:

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