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Gravit is visually stunning gravity simulator, where you can spend many hours of fun and experimentation.
Gravit is visually stunning gravity simulator, where you can spend many hours of fun and experimentation.

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Gravit 0.5.0 is released! The previous version, 0.4.3 was released in 2005.

The source code is available on the website, but we're waiting on Apple to approve the OS X version on the Mac App Store.

Major changes are:
- Improved performance
- A new GUI interface
- Skybox rendering

See the ChangeLog for the full list of changes:

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Huge +Gravit update coming soon :)

Here are the changes for the curious:

* New Logo (#57)
* Massive performance improvements, OpenMP, SSE (Frank Möhle #4 #7 #9 #10 #13 #14 #22)
* User interface widgets with Agar (#1 #31 #41)
* Skybox rendering, currently only 2 skyboxes (#2 #39)
* International keyboard support fixed (Frank Möhle #11)
* Support for Lua 5.1 (Frank Möhle #16)
* Streaming music (OS X only, David Turnbull #5)
* Screenshot to PNG (Frank Möhle #13)
* Detect number of processors when using OpenMP (Frank Möhle #4 #10)
* General operating and build system improvements and compatibility:
o Build systems improved/overhauled: MinGW, VC++, Xcode, autoconf (Frank Möhle #7, #8, #29, #46)
o Better compatibility with Debian, Ubuntu, OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7 (32/64bit) (#29)
o Tested and runs on a Raspberry Pi :)
* Windows Installer improvements: (Frank Möhle #52)
o 32bit and 64bit Windows installers
o Includes Visual C++ Redistributable Package
o Optional component for installing the screensaver instead of a checkbox in the last step (#17)
* Fix for crash when memoryavailable is more than 2GB (Frank Möhle #15 #19)
* Limit frame rate to 60fps (Frank Möhle #25)
* Seed the random number generator in Lua on startup (Frank Möhle #26)
* Record until frame N by referencing a frame that doesn't exist yet with the "frame" command (Frank Möhle #26)
* Infinite loop bug when running "framecompression 0" (Frank Möhle #26)
* Reduce console verbosity (Frank Möhle #28)
* Detect memory available and automatically use a percentage of it (50% by default, #40)
* Many other subtle features, speed improvements, bug fixes, etc.

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I just got +Gravit compiling and running on my +Raspberry Pi under Debian.

It's terribly slow since I haven't worked out how to enable hardware accelerated OpenGL in X. Pretty happy with it working regardless!

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New logo in preparation for the 0.5.0 release of Gravit.

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Gravit Screenshots (12 photos)
12 Photos - View album

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Gravit 0.5.0 status

Thanks to the efforts of Frank M, we've been pushing for a new release of Gravit. After a bit of confusion on my behalf we're aiming for version 0.5.0, ignoring the fact that I released a version on the Mac App Store as 0.5.0, which was meant to be 0.4.2.

I have updated the design and functionality of the Gravit website:
- It is still:
- Has some better organisation with a gallery and a (privately editable) Wiki
- The Wiki will have the updated details on building Gravit and any other relevant documentation
- If you want to edit pages on the Wiki, let me know. I am hesitant to make public sign ups due to spammers and the time involved removing spam.
- Please let me know if there are any problems with it

Frank M has optimised Gravit so much so that I have trouble recognising it :), including:
- Massive optimisations in general
- SSE and OpenMP support
- Updated Visual C++ project files
- Makefile for MinGW/GCC
- Support for 64bit builds and more than 2GB of memory

I have been working on:
- General cleanups
- Support for Lua 5.1+
- A windowing system (using Agar) for better usability (i.e. not having to use keyboard shortcuts for everything)

There is a list of issues on github for the short term plan:


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Here's a sneak peak of the new +Gravit website, which is a work in progress. Let me know what you think.

Thanks to +Aaron Shaver for pointing out Twitter's Bootstrap. It has saved me a considerable amount of time.

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A video of Gravit with many galaxies orbiting each other, created by "Wardj3" on YouTube.
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