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Got my tmt app. Getting pizza today and share of stock on the way.. Way to go Magenta! Awesome.

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Just installed the 4glte cellspot. Free from tmobile. Awesome,awesome. Signal strength at my house was marginal at best. Had to rely on WiFi calling. Now...5 bars of lte goodness. .

Thanks tmobile and LeGere. 11 year customer. Many more to come.

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Disappointing on the surface:

Googledrive available in Play store.

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So I was excited when +TMobile announced this Google+ page. Finally I thought, a respite from the moaning and groaning that takes place in the device forums. The forums are full of people who have never ever heard of research, and apparently have a difficult time even reading. Ever read a post in one of those forums that asks "does this feature work on this phone"?. It gets answered "NO" Then no more than 5 minutes passes and the very next poster asks the very same question.
They tell us how bad customer service is, how bad that phone is ,blah,blah,blah.

So Google+ page comes and I'm singing in the choir, because I know that these contributors surely will be informed adults, not whiney kids constantly asking for something for nothing or something they can't have. Eh not so fast there grasshopper.

Somehow those forum people figured out how to use google just long enough to get on this page and it's started all over again. I want the Nexus, give us the Nexus. You OWE us the Nexus. Give me a break. Got enough whining to start a vineyard.
I went to my car dealer the other day and said "you know my car is two years old" and you haven't updated it for me or even offered to give me a really low price on a new one. YOU can become a forum genius if you guess the answer.

I have read so many I want Nexus posts here that I very rarely even read the posts.
Do many of you really think that someone is going to answer you in this post and say "Thanks for bringing that up Elvis. Since you asked I think we'll release it next week."

It's like the Occupy movement has moved indoors for the winter. Well here is your tip of the day. You'll still be in the 99% that don't, won't or can't afford a Nexus, let alone a Lexus.
So contribute some of your positive experience, a good customer service story, how you helped someone instead of asking " what are you going to do for me today"?

There I'm done. I was going to try and filibuster this until the New Year but what the heck. So the silver lining in all of this is, you can now flame me, yell at me, even type in all CAPS if you want. You can even say hey I agree with John. I'm old enough to not really care if you do or don't.
I come from a generation that described lag as the time you put a stamp on a letter and got an answer back. Wasn't measured in nanoseconds.
Gonna go now and check my email on my Star Tac flip phone.
Happy New Year.

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Tmobile GalaxyS2 already there.

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