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Building, Hacking and Fixing Stuff
Building, Hacking and Fixing Stuff
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March of last year marked the completion of the original BauTek Mech Simulator, the 1000 series. After a few months of hard use many weaknesses were identified and I schemed to build a more robust layout that would give the user more control and make it easier to use it for non-gaming functions like getting Pump-Dragoned while working from home.

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Many moons ago I wanted to create a website and video log to keep track of my various projects and repairs. After spending a ton of time watching the likes of Dave Jones (EEVBlog), Ben Heck (The Ben Heck Show) and other makers and hackers I finally got the motivation to get on it.

I have many exciting projects in the pipe including some game controller mods, updates to my existing mech simulator rig, a crack at creating my own multi-tool CNC table and at least one attempt at building my own 3D printer.


Welcome and thanks for visiting!

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BauTek Mech Controller 2000
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