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It can be easy to push IT issues to the side, especially when your phone’s blowing up and you’ve got clients lining out the door. IT plays a major role in the success of businesses, so protect what you’ve worked hard to create by managing your technologies.

It’s a digital world and it’s a business world. SMBs, also known as small-medium businesses, often face IT challenges that can hinder their success. The internet’s only been available to the public for twenty years, and the evolution of online marketing has really only just begun. With that in mind, it’s not uncommon to see many SMBs struggling to stay afloat the rapidly moving IT raft. Here are five common IT challenges SMBs face:

The role of IT in business is drastically different than it was just a few years ago. From being a necessary cost of backroom business, technologists have now been thrust into the limelight. To take a holistic, business-aligned approach means getting your infrastructure working for you in a way that leaves you free to take a greater role in business direction. You won’t make those planning sessions if you’re stuck in the data centre trying to deal with server capacity or provisioning a new application.

Did you know that mobility will not just enhance employee wellbeing but it will also comfortably improve your bottom line too? Remote working is the future – and it’s already reshaping companies across the globe. Tap into their mobility success by reading the articles below:

In all types of industries, businesses have to be more agile than ever, ready to adapt to disrupted markets and respond to fast-evolving competition. Is Hybrid IT a best of both worlds answer to this?

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Mobility covers everything from the casual checking of emails on the go to employees setting up micro offices anywhere, anytime. No matter how far your policy dips into the benefits of flexible working there’s always one stigma or anxiety that stays put – that your organisation’s security will get hijacked at any moment. Yet, while perfectly reasonable, what’s the underlying cause of all the panic?

Do you ever feel like technology is changing so fast you’re in danger of getting whiplash? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. For those working in IT, just keeping up with the latest news and trends can feel like a full-time job. But who has that much time to spare?

We hear a lot in the IT industry about future-proofing your business and it would be easy to dismiss it as just another buzz-word. It is a term used liberally, but when you peel back the layers of hype, there is important substance beneath.

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When you think about disasters, what comes to mind? For most New Zealanders, not surprisingly, an act of nature will be the first image. We discuss areas to consider to ensure your data backup plan is successful for your business.

As your organisation expands, an IT (or technology) roadmap provides a documented, structured and strategic approach to running your IT technology in the most effective, efficient and competitive manner.
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