Ok throwing this one out to the community.
In the past couple weeks I have noticed that when my mute switch is on, meaning I want calls/texts/notifications muted, that when my phone is locked and laying face up calls will ring out loud.

I have checked and triple checked my settings.
I have reset network settings
I reset all settings
Tried adding assistive touch button to mute it
I was on 10.3.3. But last night tried the iOS 11 beta to see if that might resolve it. No such luck

The only things I can think of other than the switch itself being broken is we did recently switch carriers. Brought my phone from Sprint to T-Mobile, and right after that I erased my phone to start over new.

Could I need a carrier update, or do I try erasing phone again?

Any ideas?

Other than that I have an appointment Monday at the Apple store
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