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Roller skates for women
Roller skates for women

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If you want your kid to enjoy the pleasant outdoor experience, then a pair of roller skates is all you need. Roll skating has been with us for long, but new technologies enable us to develop up with improved skates to fit into the feet of our children.

Two types of skates are available for kids. The quad skates are four wheels, with 2 front wheels and 2 back wheels. Inline skates will have 4-5 wheels arranged in a row. Compared to the inline skates, the quad skates offer better balance and are therefore recommended for learners or the young children.

Shopping for roller skates can be a complicated affair as a parent; this is why I have simplified your search with this top three best kids roller skates review.

1. Roller derby Girls roller skates

Grab a pair of the roller derby skates for your daughter. These glides are ideal for your child if they are below the age of 13 years. They are light in weight and will provide the best experience for your daughter as they plan to venture into roller skating.


They are fitted with wide back wheels that make sure that your child enjoys balance as they glide. They possess an inbuilt adjusting key that ensures that they fit in comfortably in your kid’s feet. You need not worry since you can modify the fit as your child grows.

Roller derby girl’s skates feature a sports shoe, a Velcro closure, lace-up style and a padded collar to make sure that your kid's legs are secured.
The torsion bar is designed for best stability. Urethane wheels roll smoothly to guarantee easy moves to your child as they glide.

• Strong and long-lasting
• Comfortable to wear
• Eye-catching design and color
• Ideal for girls below 13 years

• Some parents complained struggling to fit in the skates on their daughter’s feet.

2. Roller derby girls trac star adjustable roller skate

This is another brand for roller derby, a darling of many children. They are suited for beginners, and you can comfortably fit into your daughter's foot since they are adjustable.


They come fitted with a soft pad that provides considerable pleasure to your daughter as they learn how to glide.

The urethane wheels come with sturdy stoppers and solid bearings perfect for skating.

The boots feature pink straps for a sure fit. They are designed with a pink/white color ideal for girls.

• Designed for girls
• Easy to adjust
• Comfortable
• Strong and durable
• Lightweight
• Cam buckles lever closure
• Washable inner liner
• No complaints about these skates so far

3. Roller derby Firestar Youth Girls Roller skates- 1978

Let your daughter conquer skating with a pair of the roller derby fire star skates. They are designed with a robust and durable material, and girls look, for girls below the age of 13 years.


The skates are adjustable to fit your daughter as she grows.
They are comfortable, and the urethane wheels will guarantee the much-needed support to your girls as they embark on their skating experience.
The torsion beam offers stability perfect for skating

• Sturdy and long lasting
• Comfortable
• Adjustable
• Unique design for girls below 13 years
• Velcro strap
• Excellerator 608ZB bearings
• Excellent ankle support
• You will need to tighten nuts on the wheels for them to roll slowly for beginners


Skating has many advantages for your daughter; they need not keep glue on to your TV set or playing video games. Allow them to enjoy playing outdoors as they burn extra calories. She will stay alert in class, perfect balance and mingle with their peers. This is why you need to grab a pair of the best roller skates for your daughter from the above list.

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There are many types of roller skates on the market, but what is the best skateboard for you? You need to determine your needs and style of play to select the most suitable candidate. Here are our reviews of the best roller skates. We will make sure these purchase instructions are helpful for you to make your purchase easier.

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Are you looking for the best pair of 2018 roller skates? Want to ask which is the best one? The answer is not fast.

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best pair of roller skates:

One of the most expensive roller skates does not mean it's the best roller skates for you, you need to find the right roller skates for you.

Here are a few questions to help you find the best roller skates, once you know the purpose of the style you pursue.

Do you want roller skates have a lot of padding? Or do you just need a minimum skates? Or a pair of roller skates fit your feet?

Do you use indoor-style roller skates, speed skating or outdoor skating?

Do you want a high boot? Do you want to upgrade later?

Do you have wide feet?

If you are looking for a pair of children's skates, are you interested in adjusting their size? Often the children's roller skates have the right size for the feet of children as they grow.

How much do you have?

We would like to make the decision easier when answering these questions. On the market today there are the best roller skates for women, and expensive, Vanilla Brass Knuckle Blackout Proline is one of the most expensive skates shoes but that does not mean it's the best for you. You need to find something that fits your needs.
For more details click on the link

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You are looking for a best roller skase for men. Please see the manual details to choose a suit model

Riedell 120 Uptown Rhythm Black Roller Skates

Key features
• It's best for: Artistic, Jam, Rhythm, Recreational, Indoor
• The Wheels: 96A Radar Riva Wheels, 4 x 57mm, width 32mm
• The Bearings: ABEC-5 608 Kwik Bearings
• The Boot: high-quality leather, high cuff, ankle padding, Drilex liner
• Closure: Traditional laces
• Toe-stop: Jam Plug

The Riedell 120 Uptown Rhythm roller skate has a classic design style and a top choice in our men's roller skates. It is a roller skate that is designed to perform indoors with high quality.

Whether you just want to entertain, dance art or freedom to music and rhythm, Riedell 120 Uptown Rhythm will do it all for you.

Radar Riva wheels have a high hardness of 96A, which is perfect for indoor surfaces.

With a diameter of 57mm and a width of 32mm, its wheels are slightly smaller and narrower, so you can do the most accurate work. Kwik standard bearings make the skater smooth.

It is reinforced with high quality leather boots for extra support and an anodized cushion and a thin but extremely comfortable Drilex lining for the user.
Note that Riedell 120 Uptown Rhythm comes with jam instead of using stop brakes. For beginners, maybe they want traditional braking.

It can slide the rhythm, it is available in black, the wheel is red when the wheel white.

Riedell 120 Uptown Rhythm roller skates come with great value that allows you to show off your skills and learn new techniques easily - it's the ideal roller skates for those who want to roller skate in high buildings. more acute and technically demanding.

Riedell Demon EDM Roller Derby Speed Skates

Key features:
• It's best for: Roller Derby, Speed, Jam
• The Wheels:95A Urethane Sonar Demon EDM, 4 x 62mm, width 43mm,
• The Bearings: ABEC-5 608 Kwik
• The Boot: Low profile, vinyl upper, comfortable and padded
• Closure: Traditional laces with cuff strap
• Toe-stop: PowerDyne adjustable toe stop

Riedell R3 Demon roller skate is also a model for roller skaters in the home, it is a great model for roller derby and speed skating. It gives you high performance and value that the price is cheap.

It comes with a soft fit fit and an extra strap to protect your ankles. It has a thick padding that makes your legs comfortable and perfect for roller derby matches, it comes with durable PowerDyne Thrust nylon that ensures versatility and high performance.

The Sonar Demon EDM wheels are made from Urethane with a hardness of 95A, providing good grip.

The wheel is 62mm in diameter and 43mm in width, allowing you to brake at a variety of speeds with ease.

The standard Kwik bearings provide a balance between durability and accuracy and good maneuverability, no matter if you are skating or join a roller derby.
Riedell R3 Demon is the best roller skate for beginners with a very cheap price.

Click to see more our review of roller skates for women

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