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Art and Photography by W. Vincent LoGreco, Jr.
Art and Photography by W. Vincent LoGreco, Jr.


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Hello again! 

Today's post is going to talk about riding my bike.

Wait, what? I though this book was about black and white photos of a river valley.

What's going on?

Well as you may have noticed in the Kickstarter video I made and in previous blog posts, I put down that part of this funding is for gas. Well, when I made my spreadsheet to factor in how much this thing would cost, I forgot to factor in the cost of shipping and the fees that Kickstarter will charge me. So I am going to cannibalize the funds set aside for gas to pay those additional costs. 

That's where the bike comes in. The Schuylkill River Trail runs almost the entire length of the section of river I plan to photograph. I will use the trail and my bike to capture a lot of my project. 

I am used to long distance biking on rail trails. I have ridden most of the Great Allegheny Passage and more than half of the C&O Canal in the Potomac Valley. I easily can ride 30-40 miles in a day, so the distances of completed trail broken up by frequent photo stops should not be a problem for me.

My bike is equipped with racks and bags (from all those week long bike rides I have done) that will make carrying cameras, camera bags (loaded with lenses filters and lots of hand loaded film cartridges) and even my tripod a breeze.

For sections where the trail does not yet exist and some of the more larger towns, I will drive and cover the gas out of my own pocket.

So in August look for the guy with a camera bag strapped to the back of his bike riding the Schuylkill River Trail. That will likely be me. 

I want to thank all of you that have made a pledge so far and encourage the rest of you to visit today and consider making a pledge. Thanks again,

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Today I wanted to talk about the book itself. Pretty much the crown of the entire project. All the effort and time I am putting into this project is to have that physical book in my hands.

The book will be a hard cover book measuring 9 by 12 inches most likely in landscape shape. The book will have 100# glossy paper for the inside which should show off the black and white photos nicely. It will end up with a total of 52 pages and be divided into sections based on the town or towns covered in that part of the valley. Each section will feature one photo larger than the others. That photo will be what I am calling the key photo. The key photo is the photo that will be printed as both a limited edition print and postcard. There will be a total of 15 sections in the book. Each section named for the town I shot the photos in or near. The following is the list of those towns: 


Something I neglected to mention on my main page of the project is a goal I set for myself. No photos will be taken more than a ten or fifteen minute walk from the banks of the river. I am also wanting to discover things people don't always see when they visit these towns. You go to Phoenixville you will likely think of the Colonial Theatre or the canal. While I do plan on photographing those places, I also plan to explore some of the neighborhoods near the river, maybe get a photo of Black Rock Tunnel that goes under Phoenixville's north side. I am looking forward to discovering what waits for me along the river that will practically scream out PHOTOGRAPH ME. 

Of course I need your help to make this possible. Please visit: and make a contribution today. And to the three people who pledged so far, Thank You Kindly for your generous support in helping me on my way to making this project a reality!
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My first Kickstarter is live. Check it out and consider making a pledge today!
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June is now upon us and looking like it will be an exciting month!

Keep a watchful eye upon my blog and Facebook page for the anouncement of my first ever Kickstarter project that I will be launching as soon as I get my video done for it. The Kickstarter will be helping to fund a coffee table book of black and white photos of the Schuylkill valley between Reading and Conshohocken. I will have more on that when the project launches.

Also June has one of only three craft shows I will be doing in 2012 (babies take a lot of free time, don’t they?). That’s right, the Schuylkill Canal Days Festival is happening again! Yay! I will be there with a new print and post card as well as some water colors (and maybe an oil). Also my wife has become quite the nature photographer lately and I may have some prints of her fantastic photos of squirrels, groundhogs, and birds.

Thirdly, have you gotten over to yet and signed up for our monthly newsletter? You totally need to do that because I will be using that newsletter to share updates of awesomeness with you as well as special promotions and newsletter only sales.

Lastly, be sure to tell everyone you know about Blueberry Arts. Tell them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even MySpace. Just get the word out there about the great photography and art that can be found at Blueberry Arts!

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Come one come all to: The Great Allentown Comic Con Spring Bash 2012! ( )
There you will find me pedaling my comics and drawing stuff! They have a lot of great artists (including Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert and Fred and the fantastic Nick Mockoviac. It is a fun show, very inexpensive to get in and it is located within a neat little mall/flea market loaded with all sorts of cool shops. So if you live in New Jersey, Eastern PA or southeast New York, you don't want to miss this fun show.See you there!
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Come out to Allentown to see me this weekend pedaling my comics!
ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be at the Great Allentown Comic Con ( ) this weekend at Merchants Square Mall in Allentown Pennsylvania (of course) from 10-5 on Saturday March 17th (St. Patrick's Day). Now as of typing this post my info is not on their site yet, but I am assured by the man in charge that I will indeed be there. And if not, I will still be there just not at a table. I will have my usual fare of books, original art (at a special con discount) and what is left of the Ninja Squirrel T's. Plus I will be drawing sketch-cards galore and will even draw your favorite super hero in my style. You can even tell me what you want now and we can arrange for it to be done before the con starts. (Pricing: Pre Drawn: $1, Custom: $2, and hand colored for $5) I will also do larger commissioned sketches too on 4x6 water color post cards for $5. I hope to see you there!
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Holy smokes we made it to round five of the contest. Half way there!!! The judges must like me because I certainly didn't get by on votes alone (I saw some comics eliminated that had more votes than me). But this week, this week we are going to rock the votes! Can you help me? If you help me out, there are prizes involved!
Step One: Go to and VOTE!
Step Two: Return here and tell me what number vote you had.
Step Three: +1 this post and Share share share! Not just here on Google+, but everywhere (ie Facebook and Twitter heck even My Space just SHARE)
Step Four: WIN. If we reach our goal of 100 votes one lucky winner will get to pick out two pieces of original artwork from more than 300 comics on (a $100 value). The more you +1 and share the more chances you get to win. Only condition is that we must reach 100 votes minimum.

So lets do this! Lets vote for WHISKEY FALLS!
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