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The Leading Expert on Business Success and Lifestyle Design for Women Entrepreneurs
The Leading Expert on Business Success and Lifestyle Design for Women Entrepreneurs


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Friends, you are in for a real treat today – a total injection of pure passion and high energy.

I’ve been secretly ‘stalking’ Janice Bryant Howroyd, Founder & CEO of The Act One Group, for a long, long time. Back in the early days of my first business, my only goal was to make an extra $500 per month so I could ask my roommate to move out of the loft in my apartment (true story), so I went on a search for success stories of entrepreneurial women. Janice Bryant Howroyd’s name kept coming up everywhere I looked. Janice took $900 from her mom and turned what is now known as The Act One Group into a billion-dollar company.

“JBH” as she likes to be called, is #39 on the Forbes list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women,” and in 2014 she was recognized by Black Enterprise as the first black woman to own and operate a billion-dollar company.

Along with scores of other incredible accolades, JBH received a special invitation from former President Barack Obama to be a member of the President’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Janice shares:

-- What happened when she “looked after the office” for her brother-in-law while he was away
-- The creative strategy she used when she first started out to get clients (hear how operating her business in a rug shop was GENIUS)
-- The moment she recognized she was on to something (oh the joys of a phone and fax machine!)
-- How just one conversation with a mentor truly EXPANDED her vision and a life-long seed was planted (that ONE conversation lead to millions in growth over the years)
-- How being 1 of 11 children shaped her life and business
-- How advice from her father to “stick it out” in an all-white school changed the course of her path
-- Her BEST Productivity Tip
-- What she considers to be her SUPERPOWER
-- What it was like to receive an honored invitation from Barack Obama
-- The CLASSIC Mistake she sees Women Entrepreneurs making today

*and much, much more!

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Janice Bryant Howroyd shares what it was like to receive an honored invitation from Barack Obama. #theactonegroup #janicebryanthowroyd #business #entrepreneurial #women #presidentbarackobama #presidentsboardofadvisors #historicallyblackcolleges #ameriasrichestselfmadewomen #blackenterprise #billiondollarcompany #creative #strategy #genius #vision #life #productivitytip #superpower #entrepreneurs #marriage #success #joychudacoff #podcast #podcasting #losangeles
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According to pet care industry research in 2016, health care services for pets was nearly $16 billion dollars and growing.

Dr. Amy Kramer decided to CASH in.

After her dog had surgery, Dr. Amy Kramer, a physical therapist, saw that what she does with her patients every day would be a great rehab solution for her dog. The physical therapy worked and Amy couldn’t stop thinking about all the vets performing surgery across LA and how those dogs need her physical therapy treatment. This lead Dr. Kramer to open the doors to Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC) which works to incorporate rehabilitation techniques so that pets can get well again.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Dr. Kramer shares:

-- The moment she realized she was on to something BIG
-- Her BEST marketing techniques that contributed to BARC’s success
-- Her best ACTION Steps – the power of the “before & after”
-- Simple, down-to-earth marketing tips that paid huge dividends!
-- Her Biggest Challenge
-- The ONE ingredient every entrepreneur needs to have on board to hit their highest productivity levels
-- She shares a time when she really wanted to give up and what she did instead of giving up
-- What she did when money was tight
-- The counter-intuitive productivity tip that makes ALL the difference
-- What she REALLY thinks about the NBA finals
-- Much, much more

#BARC #BeachAnimalRehabilitationCenter #DrAmyKramer #employees #entrepreneur #business #losangeles #california #physicaltherapty #physicaltherapyforpets #veterinary #rehab #rehabilitation #rest #sleep #success #money #success #productivity #marketing #nba #prioritize #JoyChudacoff #podcast #podcasting #shesgotmoxie
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She’s BACK. This week is Part 2 of my interview with the funny, witty and outrageously brilliant Julie Deane, Founder & CEO of Cambridge Satchel.

Julie goes even DEEPER this week and reveals how she managed being in “survival mode” trying to keep a company afloat, dissolving a 24-year marriage and staying present for her two teenage children.

Julie and I explore ‘feminine energy’ and how different “energies” play a role in a woman’s life – both at home and at work. We also look at what I call “the unconscious emotional triggers” and how this can be a major trap that women fall into.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Julie shares:

-- The one simple QUESTION that stumped her when she found herself in “survival mode”
-- WHY she finally decided to embrace her “inner goddess”
-- The moment she knew it was time to get “back to basics” and let go of her EGO (this is GENIUS & not to be missed if you’re serious about growing a company that has staying power)
-- The classic MISTAKE Julie sees women entrepreneurs making over & over again – BEST Learning moment for sure
-- The ONE thing you must have when you are PITCHING your idea to persuade others to pull out their checkbooks to fund your BIG idea
-- Julie’s adventures in online dating and how “Grace” was born (funny & hilarious, Julie describes in detail her encounter with a French/Latin dinner date)
-- And much, much more…

If you missed Part 1, you’ll want to go back and catch that episode – it’s truly some of the BEST entrepreneurial advice and wisdom you’ll ever listen to.

#JulieDeane #CambridgeSatchel #CEO #Founder #feminineenergy #backtobasics #company #divorce #ego #entrepreneur #genius #grace #growth #home #innergoddess #onlinedating #part2 #personal #development #pitch #idea #survival #survivalmode #triggers #womenentrepreneur #work #JoyChudacoff #ShesGotMoxie #podcast #podcasting
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Friends…Grab your ear buds and get ready for one of the most transparent, refreshingly honest (and humorous) interviews you’ll ever listen to. Julie Deane, Founder & CEO of Cambridge Satchel, is funny, witty, clever and clearly quite brilliant.
This is Part ONE of Two Episodes with this dynamo – truly an ALL ACCESS pass into the quick mind and interesting life of this amazing woman.
Julie shows up incredibly raw and transparent as she shares with us how she started her company on less than $1000 and since then, has created the Cambridge Satchel Company selling unique handbags in over 120 countries.
Starting as a simple business that would help to make enough money to send her children to private school to avoid her daughter being *bullied, Cambridge Satchel Designs are now spotted over the shoulder of ‘A-list’ stars like Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung, and Lady Gaga.
On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Julie shares:
-- How she went from selling 1 bag to 100 quickly– surprisingly simple ‘roll up your sleeves’ advice
-- Why NOT knowing *the rules in marketing actually doubled her business and brought more profit to the bottom line
-- What Julie wrote in the 300 EMAILS she sent out DAILY
-- She thought her bags were geared to the children’s market – until Vogue came calling!
-- How Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Zoey Deschanel came to love Cambridge Satchel Bags
-- What Julie did next after firing her unethical manufacturer (at the time she had a back order of 16,000 bags with this guy)
-- Julie’s reaction when a man called her “a stupid woman”
-- Her open & honest share about how her Biggest Challenge also turned out to be her Biggest Mistake
-- The ONE ingredient you need in your business in the early days
-- and much, much more
#juliedeane #cambridgesatchelcompany #bags #ceo #fashion #fashionitems #fashionweek #entrepreneuroftheyeareurope #international #leather #queensawardforenterprise #runways #founder #queenelizabeth #bullied #celebrities #ecommerce #fashionblogger #shesgotmoxie #joychudacoff #podcast #podcasting #womeninbusiness #women #business #entrepreneurs
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After my daughter Jenna’s knee injury, there were clues that kept tapping me on the shoulder, reminding me about how dealing with a personal crisis has a significant effect on building and growing a business. Sometimes, no matter what you do, no matter how many things you try, you stay stuck in ONE Place. This can be frustrating, debilitating and I think the most detrimental of all…CONFIDENCE shaking.

For today’s episode of ‘She’s Got Moxie’, I’ve also put together a podcast freebie, 10 Simple Survival Tips to Keep Your Business Thriving When a Personal Crisis Hits.

Just go to:

On today’s episode,', I share:

-- How to remove feelings of uncertainty and move forward with a new energy and a new vision
-- Why working harder is NOT the answer
-- The ONE thing you CAN do right now to create increased momentum in your business
-- How to remove the Barrier, the thing that’s holding you back (this is essential to uncover because when you remove this barrier, you will have instant success)
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After a scary experience (which included an 8-hour wait in the ER) with her then seven-month-old son, my guest today, Dr. Renee Dua, decided there MUST be a better way to see a doctor when you need medical care.

From there,, an on-demand digital App, was born.

Dr. Dua created Heal to make life easier for busy parents and adults to get world-class, primary care in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their home or office.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Dr. Dua shares:

-- Her BEST Action Steps to growing an online platform
-- How the Heal App saves you time & brings a doctor to you
-- How she made the move from being a physician to Founder of an On-Demand App company
-- Her Biggest Challenge in running a digital App company
-- Why every Heal doctor shows up at your door with a medical assistant
-- Why the ER is actually the WORST place to be when you are sick
-- How she manages CASH Flow decisions
-- How she handles the frustration that comes with being a business owner
-- Her TIP to gain perspective and live in the moment
-- Her Best ADVICE on what to do when someone says NO to your idea
-- And much, much more…

#DrReneeDua #healapp #heal #app #care #comfort #convenience #doctor #doctorhousecalls #doctorondemand #emergency #cmo #founder #physician #perspective #onlineplatform #worldclass #frustration #kids #children #medicalassistant #nephrology #hypertension #internalmedicine #joychudacoff #podcast #podcasting #womenentrepreneurs #shesgotmoxie
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She gets up close and personal with celebs like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner (just to name a few!). Laura Wasser is a celebrity divorce attorney and the founder of the NEW online divorce platform

Laura created the online platform ‘it’s over easy’ to make a challenging process accessible and affordable to everyone.

As the author of the 2013 bestseller, It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way, Laura believes that by simplifying the divorce process, couples are empowered to take control of their own destiny without having to rely on expensive attorneys.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Laura shares:

-- WHY she is a big advocate for working moms
-- Why a woman should consider a pre-nup if she’s the major BREADWINNER in the relationship
-- Her BIGGEST challenge in representing celebrities
-- What actually happened the time Laura had a STILETTO thrown at her
-- How she JUGGLES being a single mom with a busy career and two boys
-- The One idea that women MUST adopt
-- Her Superpower
-- Her BEST Advice for Women Entrepreneurs
-- And much, much more

#laurawasser #divorcelawyer #lawyer #attorney #itsovereasy #workingmoms #woman #pre-nup #breadwinner #relationship #challenge #celebrities #juggle #career #routine #womenentrepreneurs #celebrity #itdoesnthavetobethatway #simplifying #couples #empowered #divorce #shesgotmoxie #joychudacoff #podcast #podcasting #womeninbusiness #women #business #entrepreneurs
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Tami Halton Pardee and her company, Halton Pardee + Partners have broken all residential sales records in LA, selling over $3 Billion in residential real estate since 2005. Despite a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and raising four children, Tami doesn’t let anything hold her back.

Pardee’s brilliance is a “concierge type” real estate company that understands the myriad of decisions that come with buying and selling a home.

A big fan of philanthropy, Tami started the Life Change Warriors program and it recently surpassed $1M in community donations.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Tami shares:

-- Her 20 Minute Rule – a real business game changer
-- The incident that turned Tami from a self-professed “aggressive leader” to one of gratitude and love
-- Why the simple act of following up can make the biggest difference in your success
-- Why she dances on the life guard stand every single morning
-- How she cultivates a “work family” company culture
-- The acronym that her Team lives by
-- The simple action step she takes when she needs to make a big decision
-- Her Biggest Challenge
-- Why you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
-- How relationships have been absolutely VITAL to Tami’s business
-- And much, much more
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After an embarrassing experience in a dressing room that left her in a very compromised position – literally, Anna Zornosa got the idea for Ruby Ribbon.

A serial entrepreneur, Anna birthed Ruby Ribbon, a social selling shapewear company dedicated to helping women feel good and look good, while also offering a great side hustle for income.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Anna shares:

-- The most important first step you should take when thinking about starting a business – Priceless gems! The first 7 minutes of the episode are GOLDEN!
-- WHY she chose social selling as the marketing tool to get the word out about Ruby Ribbon
-- How she came up with the name Ruby Ribbon
-- How women REALLY feel about shapewear
-- Why it’s critical to understand the needs of your CORE CUSTOMER
-- The moment she knew she was on to something – there were tears of Joy!
-- The two things that make a woman in business Unstoppable
-- Her Biggest Challenge – she was blind-sided by this one!
-- Her BEST advice for when you feel like giving up
-- And much, much more!

#annazornosa #buddy #ceo #company #confidence #corecustomer #data #founder #rubyribbon #shapewear #socialselling #spandex #stylists #shesgotmoxie #joychudacoff #podcast #podcasting #womeninbusiness #women #business #entrepreneurs
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Lisa Sugar really disliked her job but unlike most, she did something about it. After starting a personal blog that went viral (we’re talking 1 million followers in 1 year), POPSUGAR was born and Lisa Sugar knew that she was on to something.

She ditched her day job and not long after, her husband did too.

Currently, POPSUGAR is now the #1 lifestyle brand for young women, and has just introduced a brand new beauty line.

On today’s 'She's Got Moxie,', Lisa shares:

-- Her STRATEGY on how she went from 1 follower to 1 million followers in less than a year
-- Why you should NEVER rely on Advertising as a major source of Revenue
-- Why NOW is the perfect time for POPSUGAR to launch a beauty line
-- What it was like to give BIRTH to her first child while growing a fast-paced media empire
-- Why you should Work Hard & Play Nice
-- The POPSUGAR Principles & Why her team relies on this
-- Why Lisa wrote her book, “Power Your Happy”
-- The valuable LESSON she learned when she strayed away from her Core business
-- Her BEST (quite simple) advice for women entrepreneurs
-- and much, much more
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