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After months of procrastination, I finally wrote down the actual "catching-up" blog-post. Then, I wrote down a writing itinerary for this year. This is what I'll be up to:

1. I'll be doing a bi-weekly flash fiction until I'm comfortable enough pace-wise to do one weekly. First one will be up late next week.

2. I plan on writing a short story on Wattpad bi-monthly. I've thought about posting last year's NaNoWriMo on there as a first-draft serial. Possibly.

3. I'm moving all the pieces from "The Experiment in Flash Fiction" over to Co-Write where users can directly move the story forward in any way they choose.

I've been doing a lot of housekeeping both online and off to make 2015 a more productive year. With this I'm finished since everything else I need to do is relatively minor...

...and of course, I'll make sure to post and mingle here more often.

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Along with being distracted by Ello and NaNoWriMo, more on that during the week, I've also taken part in a new past-time. Started by Malie over on Twitter (@maile129), Co-Write is part creative, part competitive with many members working together to write a full story and even win a tournament. Those competitions, hosted by Malie, take place at 11am and 9pm GMT and last for 30 minutes.

Below is a recent game that demonstrates how Co-Write works. If you like what you see, come join us here (I'm PromptedInk there) :

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I have a lot of catching up to do, but after a long senior year, I'm ready to jump back into the plus. Hope everyone's been doing well!

Edit: Link's no longer functional. It was a placeholder post, reminding me to do some online and offline housekeeping.

Hey everyone! The circle transfer's all finished. The post you're reading now comes from my new profile. I haven't strayed too far...

For those of you who circled me in the past few months, I'm using this post as a sort of re-introduction, specifically to the content I produce.
The Gist: I primarily write short pieces of prose, such as flash fiction, for my writing blog, Prompted Ink. I also have works-in-progress which I usually refrain from posting online. I also have an article archive Prompted Clippings showcasing my work from the Campus Lantern, the university's student-run newspaper. As the fall semester commences, expect articles dealing with on-campus events, internet goings-on to correlate with my position as web developer, and other newsworthy stories.


Prompted Ink:

Prompted Clippings:
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