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OK, for all you whovians out there.
A kind young girl in one of my games shared this site with me:
You input your name, and it tells you your time lord name.
Trying it with several variations on my name I got:

depending what gets put in...
"Al" - The Minstrel
"Albert" - The Druid
"Albert Beddow" - The Caretaker.
"Albert William Beddow Jr" - The Lover.
and, capitalization matters
"albert beddow" gets me The Dancer.
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Well, I gave in.  I hate social networking (had a gmail account before Google started all their social networking features, so am stuck with it.  A local store told me to email them my even schedule-then ridiculed me as stupid for having listened to him (done in front of several customers) then got pissy annoyed with me because I avoided social media (particularly facebook) at all costs.  Now he's demanding I add the events to his calendar (which I can't do of course).

Another store, being very pissy and trying to make me never come back, said I can run games but I can't advertise on their open community events board or on their website etc.  How stupid is that?

Well, I've given in deciding to use social media and teach them all, hoping to add a following and have people come to my events at stores and cons.  Just another thing on my "have to keep up on" list, which is over full already
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Check this out sports fans who can appreciate the beauty and form of a talented girl.. OMG!  Where was she when I was 19?
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Corporate abuse of it's customers

I honestly don't get why companies think that we must all be ignorant lemmings. I mean yeah how many decades has Microsoft been feeding us their own brand of "revisionist bull***" to justify shoving their arrogant decisions down our throats, and companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc have been pretty good at it too.

The worst are these super long extra-heavy on the legaleese Terms of Service and End User License Agreements (ToS/EULA).  I just signed up for an account to sell something with my logo's on it - and the ToS/EULA is - get this - medium grey text on a, ready? light grey background

What, am I not supposed to bother reading this monster that, of course, is totally weighted in your favor anyway? Is CafePress afraid there is something in the ToS/EULA that will cause the masses to rebel and put them out of business?

Give me a break. The light grey background isn't so bad if you had put the text in the normal black.

I just did a simple "copy & paste" into a word processor, change font to 'calibre', color to 'black' and then read away.  Some interesting things I found:
- If you are getting royalties from us (a complicated process) and you accrue less than $25 in a year (in 365 days), then we will send you your money but keep $10 for our time and effort bothering to give you what's yours.
- To earn any money from CafePress you have to use special links...


c'mon folks. I know lawyers (and those who can't honor their agreements) have made the law a living hell to deal with, but can't we all ease back and speak in plain English for a change?
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The Twelfth Doctor & Companions Have Already Arrived!
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The "Let's Bing-It-On" challenge and other commercials which lie.

Ok, Watching these Microsoft "Bing it on" commercials, and having followed in dept Microsoft's history of distorting the truth, I actually tested the challenges done in these commercials.

In one Firefox window I opened three tabs. Google Advanced Search,, and the pages then ran their searches. For the most part none of the Google tab results matched the results for Google in the Bing-it-on tab. In fact of you check the "Tacos" search, the Google page literally lacks links instead providing a list of taco joints and their addresses formatted to look like actual results returned by Google.

In just about every search the Google tab returned a link of "images for" the search subject while almost all of what is shown for the Google side in the commercials lack any image links (yet Bing has been carefully formatted to put all pictures at the top and large).

After I finished checking all the searches from the various commercials only ONE time did I get the honest google results (and Bing's was better).

But this is also quite typical of modern advertising going all the way back to the early Listerine comercials about it preventing colds, and mouthwashes "killing the germs that cause bad breath". Ads for large wheeled yard & brush trimmers showing some poor guy leaning down from the top of a hill trying to get the (short) grass with a weed-wacker/eater. Unsafe and plain D-U-M-B.

Those commercials for certain non-stick cookwear, vacume bags to store clothes, etc. All going around making something that in reality is so simple the average adult doesn't have to think to accomplish the task - and making it look like you are superduperman trying to hurl a boulder the size of India into orbit.

Why is it advertisers have this idea that we as the American buying public are complete idiots? Why do we buy enough of the items advertised to us in such truly insulting ways that we send the message "hey, telling me I'm an idiot treating me like I'm a moron works that's how you get me to buy your products!"?

My wife hates a rule I have, but understands why Ihave it and honors it: "If you think advertising to me in a manner that seriously inflates the difficulty of something and insults my intelligence in order to get me buying your product, my response is not no but HELL NO go find some other patsy."

Can you imagine how the nature of advertising would change if everyone in America just completely refused to buy any product advertised this way?

I can.
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Well talk about a ball buster.  Was invited to a game, things going good. Unfortunately the GM (a really nice guy overall) can't let people chat in IM.. You say you went to college, he cuts you off with how he couldn't be bothered with college and his great job now etc constantly. Really a bunch of "no I chose differently and you made the wrong choice I am so special because My choices were right".

So with my wife going becoming seriously ill and getting admitted to the hospital (straight to ICU with bad aspiration pneumonia and renal failure) I bow out short term stating that I hate having to cancel repeatedly and mess up the game so I wanted to play and that  I would email about being able to play once my wife was better.

He dropped me from the game entirely closed it didn't even give me a courtesy email... and to him this is MY fault because I "completely quit"... and then he quotes back exactly what I said which includes that I'm not completely quitting.

I told him I was logging out of GTalk because I was furious and needed to calm down.

When I came back he had removed me from his contacts I can't see him anymore, checked with gtalk on browsers, android table, android phone.

So.. up yours!
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Here's a question I've pondered for years... why is it that in many post apoc (PA) settings no matter how scarce everthibg else is (food etc.) Things like clothing and tobacco/smoking seem to be abundantly available.

Liik at Battlestar Galactica esp newer on. In an early episode a few chars are hiding in a ship in a smallish freezer compartment and the commrnt is made that the freezer held ever last steake brisket etc. In the fleet. Yet smoking was sp prevelant thst the primary dock could be s chain smoker of commercialy manufactured smokes, and Baltar had a never ending supply of his little cigars. Their world is being nukrd into oblivion and someone thought to pack a starship full of smokes?
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