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My group of players, last session, made First Contact with a race (Mhemne) and scouted another race (Sathar) in the same star sytem. The Sathar had invaded the Mhemne's system 10 years ago, and were mining resources there to construct warships. Some of these ships had already attacked Federation shipping, which was why the players' ship was here in the first place. Peaceful contact was made with the Mhemne resistance groups, some of them in the system's asteroid belt and some on the moon orbiting the Mhemne homeworld. Two orbital shipyards were scanned, one building 4 destroyer-class hulls and one building 2 cruiser-sized hulls and fighter-shuttles.

Let's pretend you're UFP Captains on a Board of Inquiry, looking into the Prime Directive and this First Contact. Neither of these races had been met by the Feds before.
- Sathar ships had attacked UFP shipping, and there was reasonable suspicion that stealthy scoutships had been peeking into Fed systems.
- All attempts to make contact with the Sathar resulted in violence, and no Sathar have been taken alive. Those captured experienced a mental shutdown that killed them. In addition, at least one Mhemne was captured in a Sathar fighter-shuttle, and he mentally suicided, too.
- The UFP is not at war with any other star empire at this time.
The Mhemne offered to trade information for military assistance. Lt.Commander Ripley, detachment commander and XO of the USS Shran, accepted the information, and promised direct military assistance. No technology or weapons changed hands, but plans were made to make a surprise attack on the Sathar shipyards.

Given that the Mhemne were living on their homeworld's moon and in stations in the asteroids, Cmdr. Wade and Lt.Cmdr. Ripley reasoned that the Prime Directive's non-interference elements did not apply. The Mhemne clearly had had spaceflight capability before the Sathar invaded them (10 years ago), though apparently not warp drives.

There was a good debate at the table about the Prime Directive, so I said I would throw it open to other for commentary.
What would you say?

[For the old-school gamers, the Sathar are indeed the wormy enemies of the old Star Frontiers game. This is a re-skin of the modules "The Face of the Enemy" from that game.]

EDIT: The Sathar have warp drive, but are about a generation behind the UFP in other technology. The Mhemne had in-system travel.

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Here's the nameplate for our vessel, created by one of my players.

We were able to resume our Far Trek campaign Saturday, after a long holiday break. Between our chattiness, a late player, and my last-minute preparations, we only played into their flying their captured scout vessel into the hangar deck of an unknown ship. A brief firefight led to a looming shootout in the turbolift shaft when I declared, "To Be Continued...."

Sort of a critique: in ship combats, the hit location table seems a bit skewed to communications and science station hits. Is anyone else seeing this as a result?

As an experiment, I'm going to start raising Shield Ratings on ships, as I'm seeing a lot of shots go through for Level 1 or higher damage.

I ran episode 3 of my crew's game yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to be (Me, one hour before game time: "Wait, I already ran this outline last month?!"). I improvised from the partial outline I had started, after hoping the players might jump on something. Despite my desire to avoid another ship-to-ship combat, that's what happened.

As a result, the USS Shran will be laid up in the docks for a time, due to heavy damage to the sensors and communications systems.

Next episode: certain crewmembers volunteered to fly a Kzinti-built pirate vessel that they captured in Episode 2, to see if they can uncover its hidden bases.

Now for my first rules question, which is usually something I'm missing. When firing ship's phasers, what effect do multiple phaser banks have? I see that a good roll on photon torpedoes will add more hits, but nothing for multiple phaser banks. Say a ship with 6 banks: is that 6 rolls? Six possibilities for additional hits if the shooter rolls high enough?

I just ran Far Trek this afternoon-- for a first episode, I used the "Words are not deeds" adventure! It was fun, the players thought it "felt Trekky". We had some first-time turbulence with rules, of course, but I think we will have it sorted out for next game. Kudos to the designer!

Hi, just got here; I'm also on the Yahoo group. My "anything but D&D" group practically jumped on the chance to play a Trek game, once we learned of Far Trek. We are attempting to play with 3 characters per player, one per shirt color, and one per command level: Captain/department heads, lieutenants for landing parties, and low-level crewmembers. Session Zero was two weekends ago, and the voyage of the USS Shran will pick up next week.

I just received my copy in the mail today, it looks good. I'm a longtime WW2 reader/wargamer with a side interest in women at war, so this was right in my gunsights. I ran a WWI fighter-pilot game using Savage Worlds last year, so I am looking forward most to seeing how NW executes air missions.
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