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Lin - FlauntDesignsJewelry
From Surrey, England to Plano, Texas...
From Surrey, England to Plano, Texas...


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My newest listing - hand beaded with glass seed beads and natural gemstones, wear as a long necklace or a multi-strand wrap bracelet!

Me again!: I found vacation mode - thank you Artyah and Anita! Now I have another question (sorry! New back, not familiar with the updates...) Is it possible to rearrange items within our shops or to add them to sections? I can see there's an option to view a collection by "newest" or by price, and another tab that shows gallery categories if you click on it, but am I missing anything..?

I have been away for a while and am thinking of restocking my shop... Quick question; does ArtYah now have vacation mode?

How is everybody? I'm back after an extended break in the UK to be with family. I see from quickly browsing the community site that there have been some developments while I've been away, such as vacation mode, but could some kind person give me a synopsis of the important changes and any pointers that may be useful? Would really appreciate it; still jet lagged. Thank You!
PS Do we have a rearrange feature yet? I messed up whilst relisting...

I haven't been in for a few days, so have only just noticed the little red heart icon in our tool bar... What is this? Mine has a 0 icon...

Once again, I am sure there is a simple answer, but I have gone through my site and I have forgotten how to get to our policies to edit them! I spotted a couple of errors that need to be edited. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?!

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I don't think that I've added my store on here yet! I'm Lin from Flaunt Designs Jewelry - a collection of hand made mixed media earrings, bracelets, necklaces and European bracelet charms :)

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I've been having fun and getting all (wire) wrapped up in bracelets! Made three hand linked beauties, two in glass and silver, and this one in magnesite, leather and sterling...

This is going to seem so dense - but how do I interact with the Artyah forums Google page as my shop page rather than my personal page..?

Does anyone know if there is somewhere in our shop that shows which listings we have paid for to be featured? I haven't got that many, and at present it is kind of obvious from the views, but over time that won't be so, and I know I'll get confused! I can't see any indication, like a star or whatnot, in our itemized listings gallery, but perhaps I am looking in the wrong place? Perhaps I need to actually write them down and keep the list to hand... Chemo brain here - easily muddled :)
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