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Anders Smith
A nerd, but a friendly one. He/him
A nerd, but a friendly one. He/him

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This is what democracy looks like.
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The struggle is real.

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The proposed 'replacement' for the Affordable Care Act is inhumane and disastrous. I #standwithPP against it. 

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Emotion Maps as Design Tools
Hi all! I wanted to write a bit today about a technique I've been using for a long time now to design games and conceptualize sessions and campaigns (even if I'm not running, I know how I want my character to feel, or how to advise people who are running). ...

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Should have posted this before I got up, but here's the stream for the #resistancerecess open town hall, since Ted Cruz and John Cornyn couldn't be bothered to hold one themselves -

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This is wrong. End of story. We have seen mosques burning and childcare centers receiving bomb threats. This is wrong. Period. Full stop. I don't have word strong enough to condemn this, so I will have to find some way to act to comfort those affected and work to stop this. Fight fascism, my friends.

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Dear friends,

This is your sporadic reminder that proof beyond a reasonable doubt is an integral part of the justice system because the state has significantly more power than the individual and that makes abuse laughably easy without that check in place.

Therefore, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not necessary for personal matters. Balance of probabilities (which is used in civil court) is much more reasonable. So if you hear repeated stories of abusive behaviour, you don't need to larp a criminal judge to hold to the ideal of "innocent until proven guilty." "More than 50% likely" is entirely fine.

In related news, it's a great time to support indie designers. Let's do that.

Love to you and yours.

—unattributed by request

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This definitely looks like a game I'd like to try.
Five or So Questions with Anna Kreider and Andrew Medeiros on The Watch
Today I have an interview with Anna Kreider and Andrew Medeiros on their new game, The Watch ! It's now on Kickstarter and Anna and Andrew wanted to tell you all about it. Check out the interview below! -- Tell me a little about The Watch. What excites you ...

If anybody reading this is interested in putting together a quick design for a protest sign, could you let me know? I've got an idea but not the skills or tools to do it well. Paid work, of course.

So today I learned that making radio contact with someone via a signal bounced off of a meteor's trail of dust as it burns up in the atmosphere is a thing.

Amateur radio people are freaking hardcore.
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