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strategic, thinker, enterprising
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Today is the day. The day that some of you fear, and others cannot wait to celebrate. The day when at 12:01 America will do what many countries fail to do. For the fifty-eighty straight time spanning 200 plus years, we will peaceful transfer power. That alone is worth celebrating.

I may not have voted for Mr. Donald J. Trump. I may think that his strategic thoughts on Russia are fraught with issues. I am an American though, and at the end of the day Trump won the election fair and square; he is a legitimate president and he is the person that, based on the rules of the game, my fellow Americans chose to lead us. It is not like the Russian interference changed any casted votes; they just released information that helped sway people to vote against their interests and shifted what the truth is. So, President-Elect Trump, congratulations and best of luck to you in continuing the project of America to create a more perfect country.

Over the next four years, I am sure I will raise my voice again to debate what that more perfect union means. Instead of looking forward today, I want to take the time to thank President Barack Hussein Obama. I have not always agreed with what you have done, but you have always had my respect. Many others will speak with greater elegance than I will about what you mean to them. That elegance is second to the dignity, class, and grace that you and your family exhibited over the past eight years. I have enjoyed following the news and politics from my youth, and I remember the hope and pride that I felt in 2004 when you reminded us that ideally, “There's not a liberal America and a conservative America—there's the United States of America.”

For someone like you that has a “weird name” to see that it was possible to win the highest political office meant that if I wanted to launch a political career that my hope was no longer capped at being Chief of Staff or some other staff position.

Your words I am sure will live with me and many others in my generation. I hope that we will be able to fulfill the vision you pointed us towards, one of a more hopeful America, a America where a house no longer stands divided by the tribalism of Democrat and Republican, but an America where a house stands together based on common hopes and common dreams.

It will not be easy, but you remind us that over the long ethos of time the moral arc of history always bends towards justice and hope and away from cynicism. The simple chant of “Yes, We Can” is still doubted and met with “we didn’t” and “we will not.” I know that cynicism is dishonest to what America is because while the progress has not always been a smooth path and many times it will be in fits and starts, the enduring spirit of America is “Yes, We Will Make America Better, but it always is Great.”

The call of cynics will always be loud, but they will never accomplish what hope can. It is hope and love that power America to be the clear-eyed, big-hearted country that is undaunted by challenges and whose light is always the brightest on the hill, bringing hope to where darkness and hate live. The light and place that immigrants and refugees dream and desire to come to. Not to blow it up, but to add to the incredible story of America of always moving forward, always expanding of the founding creed that all of us are created equally. The expansion of which is always resisted, but we always become a stronger country.

While myself and many others I know will shed a tear as you depart DC today, if the election has taught us anything it’s that:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Not enough people were the change that we wanted on Nov. 8. I know that you put us on the right path, and while the path may be a bit lonelier and a bit steeper, I know that if I keep walking on that path we will make progress.

Yes, We will ensure that all Americans, no matter whether they were born here or came across rivers or oceans, will have equal opportunities to education and health care.

Yes, We Will make sure the dreams of young girls and boys are not limited by account of their gender.

Yes, We Will ensure that young men of color do not have anything more to fear from being stopped by police than young white men.

Yes, We Will make sure our first responders are respected and that the thin blue line is less stained with blood.

Yes, We Will try to limit the amount of times we mourn as kids are killed at their school desks.

Yes, We Will ensure all our constitutional rights are protected, be they the First or Second or any other.

Yes, We Will make sure our veterans come home to a country that honors and respects them.

Yes, We Will ensure love always trumps hate.

Yes, We Will make sure no citizen gets branded by the government as un-American on account of their beliefs.

Yes, We Will fight for justice and equality. Yes, We Will ensure opportunity and prosperity.

Yes, We Will heal this nation. Yes, We Will make sure we leave a healthier, more peaceful world for our children.

Yes, We Will ensure that at the end of the day we are one people and one nation indivisible.

More importantly though is that...

Yes, We Will make sure that these are not just words.
Yes, We Will grab a clipboard, get signatures and organize. Yes, We Will Stand up and make our voices heard.
Yes, We Will make sure a voice is not just online.
Yes, We Will vote, and some of us will even follow your footsteps and run for office.

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Shared without comment, some really interesting datagraphs and in general a nice piece showing how personalization can lead us to the extreme's 

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Really fun site for anyone that had fun playing simcity as a kid or has a passion for #urbanplanning  or #publictransportation 

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23 Years of change....
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Annual playing tourist in DC Day....
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+The New York Times  created a quiz that lets you know what part of the country your accent is from.

Ability to mark unread and read via the Android app, also a keyboard shortcut on the web to mark read and unreak

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Could write paragraphs of text on how polarizing modern politics has become and how the votes of a few makes all the difference, instead I will let these pictures tell the story. 
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