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Una auténtica joya
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Some quick impressions on Ubuntu Phone so far:

The good:
* It's Ubuntu!
* Acknowledging resolution independence as a problem that needs addressing upfront
* Qt based (and QML / Qt 5, for added bonus points)
* Gesture based navigation

The bad:
* Some parts of the UI seem a little hard to discover (like each edge having a different purpose, status icons going away in some way - yet you can get them back, somehow, I think?)

The ugly:
* The performance looks far from ideal. The time I spent working on the N9 taught me that, if you don't design something with performance as part of the criteria, then getting good performance after the fact is a hard slog. This is doubly worrying, given that they're using Qt 5 (and QML2) which should have great performance, and implies to me that they may have some architectural problems going on...

Question marks:
* What's open source?
* If it's open source, is it openly developed, too?
* What isn't open?
* How easy is it to port to other hardware platforms?

Nice to welcome yet another player to the Qt mobile space. Jolla, RIM, and now Ubuntu. Nokia, we miss you so... :)
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This is waaay worse than it sounds.
This was not some unfixed known kernel exploit.

This was a DELIBERATE design decision. Lawyers should have a lot of fun with this. 

Oh and by the way.. your phone very likely is still vulnerable, there's no sign of a wide ranging set of fixes being deployed.

If you haven't read what the security "hole" was:
These devices have a modified copy of the /dev/mem device driver (but renamed), where the device node has WORLD WRITE permissions.
Not by accident, but deliberately, because that's how the camera "userspace driver" was supposed to work.

If you wonder why they had to modify the /dev/mem driver.... they had to modify/clone the /dev/mem driver, because the normal /dev/mem driver since some time no longer allows for access to kernel memory, only to device memory.... So..... someone went and copied the driver, and then removed this restriction... and made the device node world writeable.

That's seriously inexcusable.
Lets see how long it takes for the long list of devices to get their security fix delivered, since the impact is quite serious.
(Oh and why bother going through the "secure boot" hassle if you make basic moronic design decisions like this)
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El fin de semana subimos el monte Ganekogorta corriendo, y en el último momento se me olvidó coger la cámara de fotos. Como las vistas eran espectaculares ¡Había que hacer una panorámica con el móvil! Pero el Hugin opuso cierta resistencia... :-S. Mi móvil un Samsung Galaxy S no guarda el campo "Field of View" en la foto. Así toco investigar cómo calcularlo, pero finalmente no es más que simple trigonometría, tan sólo hay que saber a que distancia cuanta anchura capta la lente.

Solución: Pones un metro a un metro de distancia del móvil y compruebas la anchura (1m en mi caso) y abres el terminal de python:
>>> import math
>>> anchura = 1.0
>>> altura = 1.0
>>> math.atan(anchura / 2 / altura) * 2 * 180 / math.pi

Y voilá! 53.13º
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