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I Hate Saturday Night
No. No. I don't hate Saturday night because I'm single (currently in a good relationship anyway. yeay). You know, that cheesy kind of single(s) who made a noise about how sad and pathetic their love life when the weekdays end. Poor things. I hate Saturday n...

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Here She Comes Again
Ha! the last time I was logged into here was on the 20th of September, 2015. 2015! Well,   the absence is  because  honestly I can’t think of anything that happened in the last one and a half year that would really be of any interest. Yep, that's how boring...

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#KopiKultur: Kangen Klinik Kopi
Everybody knows Mas Pepeng and his Klinik Kopi . Sure he will laugh and denied my statement, but, seriously. He has the coolest place on earth to enjoy a cup of joe. It has not much chair or table, no WiFi, nice brewing spot, his roasting machine, little co...

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Tujuan Negeri Kopi
          Alkisah, nusantara adalah negeri seribu kopi. Cerobong asap di sebuah kedai kopi ternama di kota terpelajar bagian barat tak pernah berhenti mengepul; hilir mudik juga celotehan bermartabat maupun tak bermatabat manusia-manusia kota membuat ramai ...

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Bit/Pieces #23
Few days before I left Jogja (Oui, I moved out and No; not graduated yet) , I visited this cool place called Ikiwae Studio. Only know them for couple of months but they have been improving pretty fast and super amazing. So proud of you, guys! They are Jogja...

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BIt/Pieces #22
Look how dull this blog is. A friend of mine once asked me why am I ignoring this site. My answer was a smile and jokingly shocked that there is, somebody out there, pay attention to my dull life. That's one thing about me actually. My friends would tell I ...

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Past Midnight and My Head Gonna Explode
It's a quarter after one, I want to sleep but not tired nor sleepy. Not blaming a cup of Lasuna coffee that I drunk couple of hours ago, blame my unproductive mood, because I didn't do anything all day. So anyway, have you heard about this project that I ju...

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You Are My Walking Poem
Dr. Bigelow: So you took a chance on being happy, even though you knew that later on you would be sad. Louie: Yeah. B: And now… you’re sad. L: Yeah. B: So… what’s the problem? L: I’m too sad…. Look, I liked the feeling of being in love with her. I liked it....

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Bit/Pieces #21
This cute little guy gonna leave next week. Gonna miss his witty words. Just realize how nice camping is. Thanks to this grilled marshmallow.  A piece of paradise in my hometown. I guess I have to explore it more.  I present you the exact opposite of me. It...

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Taspi Kafe in #KopiKultur
Hola! It's been some months since the last time I take care of this baby. I was out of town for two months as the warrior of the community service that was held by the university each year. Every student must do it before the graduation. And this year, fina...
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