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Bill Zucker

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Basic Information
Springfield in Massachusetts is where the child prodigy William Cary Zucker (Bill Zucker) started to create music. At the mere age of nine, he began performing piano recitals in public, and soon began to score his own compositions that greatly impressed his tutor, school peers and his supportive parents. 
Fast forward by a few years, and by age eleven, Bill had formed a garage band “The Divided Line,” using his very first drum kit. He loved the sounds of drums in music and would jam regularly with the band until the age of fifteen, when he picked up his first guitar. Once again, he quickly became proficient in an instrument and composed a tenderly entitled song “Show Me,” through which he expressed his emotions over a break-up with his childhood sweetheart. 
The guitar was perfectly suited for Bill because he could take it with him everywhere and rarely left his side. It went with him through all of high school, where he was chosen to perform in many concerts and events. Very often he would get standing ovations and countless encores as a vocalist and when he played his acoustic guitar as a solo. After high school Bill auditioned and was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. 
He absorbed everything that Berklee had to offer and from there (still with trusted guitar by his side) he went to live in Seattle WA for three years, while he attended Western Washington College in Bellingham. 
It was at this College that Bill hosted his own campus radio show and became the frontman and electric guitar fiddler for the country-rock band “Colraine.” 
After graduation, he ended up as many musicians do, in Hollywood California where he teamed up with a young songwriter called Ron Fair, who went on to become an extremely successful music executive, and together the pair wrote a multitude of songs that were published by Paramount. 
Bill relished the vast opportunities Hollywood gave him as a musician and formed his first professional touring band “Cruise Control,” that later evolved into “The Bill Zucker Band (BZB)” there. 
“BZB” featured Bill’s lead vocals and leveraged his multi-instrumental ability to play the guitar, drum, harmonica, fiddle and keyboard/synthesizer. 
He had now become an exceptionally gifted musician with an impressive catalogue of over 300 original songs. 
Not content with just playing music, Bill also displayed an entrepreneurial streak when he opened a night club called “Z Street.” Being the owner gave him endless opportunity to perform with numerous bands, artists and musicians. He took every single opportunity. 
At the turn of the new millennium in 2000, Bill had landed himself a new record deal in Philadelphia and then recorded a critically acclaimed twelve song CD entitled “Millennium” but the album’s arrival could not save the record label from closing down, so unfortunately the album never received any of the global distribution that was promised. Bill decided it was perhaps a blessing in disguise, and moved to the warm tropical breezes of Miami Florida. 
By 2009 Bill had heavily invested in real estate and the stock market but saw that wiped out in the financial crash overnight. This turn of unfortunate events, prompted him to write “The TARP Song” that he then recorded at Audacity Recording in Hollywood FL. 
The song became both a powerful political parody and a phenomenon that catapulted him into the national and global media spotlight and he literally become a household name overnight. 
Neil Cavuto on Fox News commented: 
“The Tarp Song says in 3 minutes what every American is feeling and the song immortalizes the TARP forever.” 
Swayed by his high profile public image, Bill once again used his ability to tap into the mainstream and popular culture, and wrote and produced “The Twitter Song” and instantly he had another viral hit song on his hands. 
In the “The Twitter Song” Bill parodied Twitter, Facebook and MySpace addiction and even Ashton Kutcher publicly loved and supported the catchy tune. Bill’s efforts were duly recognised and rewarded by the online industry itself, when he became the recipient of an award by YouTube for having the funniest comedy video in 2009. 
Bill’s magic touch ability to connect with an online audience was being observed by Hollywood and an enthusiastic Kelsey Grammer star of NBC’s “Frasier” phoned him one day to compliment him on his success. Bill and Kelsey had an instant rapport and both agreed that they should work together over the next few conversations. It was an alliance that even “Laurel and Hardy” would be laughing down at. 
Within a few weeks, Bill finished writing the script for the first instalment of “The Kelsey Grammer and Bill Zucker Comedy Hour” that featured skits and rude jokes and exquisitely captured the “Benny Hill” humour of Bill and the dry neurotic wit and effervescent charm of Kelsey Grammer. 
Bill continues to work on numerous film and TV projects but hasn’t forgotten his first love of music. So in 2011 he took some time out from his busy schedule, and went into the studio to record some fresh new material. 
The result was a new album that he independently released through his website, and it included songs such as “The Answer,” “Summer Girl,”” Friends,” and “Shannon,” the latter being a wedding present to his friends Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. 
In early 2012 Bill moved to Hollywood CA and has formed the “Bill Zucker Band.” 
Between filming, he is busy rehearsing with the band and is preparing for a tour that will initially take them across the US then overseas into Europe and will be recording and writing a new album. 
Bill himself will be the lead vocals; play the acoustic and electric guitars; pianos; keyboards and harmonica, other members of the band are: Joe Boyle who is on acoustic and electric guitar and vocals, Tony Marvici on acoustic and electric guitars and keyboards, Lenny Roberto on drums; percussion and vocals, and Bald Steve who is on 4 and 5 string; Bass and Vocals