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While reading a technical discussion forum I was, not for the first time, stuck by some of the comments made by an otherwise cogent developer defending his development language choices. His argument started off well but quickly degenerated to the level…

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STOP SAYING YES TO SHIT THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT. — Allison House   More: Allison House’s blog ( Allison House on Twitter (

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Minimal Viable Product is a cornerstone of Agile software development but very often (wilfully) misunderstood or misinterpreted. In a lengthy, but very readable, blog post, Henrik Kniberg of Swedish consultants Crisp gives the clearest example I have read…

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Reducing projects to “simply” their issues/stories/whatever is the easiest way to avoid asking whether you’re building the right thing. — Sarah Mei   More: Sara Meis’s blog ( Sarah Mei on Twitter (

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Now that TextExpander 5 allows snippets to be written in Javascript, I thought I'd give creating one a try. The end result is a small group of snippets called 'Dates: Next Day' that return the date of the next 'whatever' such as 'next Monday', 'next Thursday', etc. So, in all, there are 7 snippets in the group:

;nmon - Next Monday
;ntues - Next Tuesday
;nwed - Next Wednesday
;nthurs - Next Thursday
;nfri - Next Friday
;nsat - Next Saturday
;nsun - Next Sunday

As standard, dates are inserted in the format 'Saturday, July 18' but this is easy to change.

You can find more info and download these snippets at I welcome your comments!
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The opening credits for the greatest arcade game of all time.

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Brackets keyboard shortcuts now available in Dash

Dash, the documentation browser and code snippet manager for OSX, now includes a cheatsheet for Brackets 1.3   Dash is an excellent offline documentation browser and code snippet manager for OSX and iOS (though there are also “officially sanctioned”…

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We are all many things. We all do many things. We will do many more things throughout our lives. Yet, when we are gone, most will primarily remember only one of them. They will pick from the lot and remember you as that. What they pick will, in their mind…

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Use concept naming to simplify and clarify your Javascript conditions

Concept naming comes naturally to most people but is still rarely seen in Javascript despite the benefits. In this post I’ll illustrate how a simple technique can make your Javascript code significantly more readable.   The benefits of writing simple,…

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Sensible global shortcut key definitions for iTerm2

Despite being a Mac-only product, the terminal replacement iTerm2 defaults to using very un-Mac-like shortcut keys. Fortunately, this is easily remedied.   Earlier today I updated my configs repo on GitHub to add the settings I use for the OSX terminal…
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