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After staring at the humidity going up and down and up and down all night and, by 5:15am, finally deciding that, truly, we should give up and go to sleep, the fog dropped and here we are, with 45 minutes to go before sunrise, opening the telescope. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, mere mortals would have given up and gone to sleep long ago, but even a sliver of telscope time at the Keck telescope can be worth staying up all night. So we did. Our reward, which we are now looking at, is Titan. We're looking to see if there are any big methane storms raging across the surface at the moment. Stay tuned!
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So after a night of bad weather you get a chance to look at storms on Titan, keep rocking the Keck (and the coffee pot)
Absolutely thrilling, educating and entertaining, to have such live comments from you at the Keck! Thank you for your web presence. Thank you for your book, as well!
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