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Adam Powell
Dreaming of electric sheep. Android, software, games, general humor and internet silliness.
Dreaming of electric sheep. Android, software, games, general humor and internet silliness.


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Check this out later today.
Upcoming AMA with Android engineering team, July 19 @12pm PT * /r/androiddev

The Android engineering team will participate in its first ever AMA on /r/androiddev this Tuesday, July 19 from 12-2pm PT.

This will be your chance to ask us any and every technical question related to the development of the Android platform -- from the APIs and SDK to specific features. Please note that we want to keep the conversation focused strictly on the engineering of the platform.

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Coding and learning to code isn't easy. Far from it. But it is accessible. The tools are widely available and comparatively cheap next to learning other crafts.

It doesn't take a garage and a set of power tools. It doesn't take a recurring investment in materials. Messing up and learning from it (usually) doesn't wreck or consume anything.

But it is hard. It's the kind of hard like learning to ride a bike for the first time - once you know how, you forget how hard it was to get there and you make it look easy while you're doing it.

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This is a good use of EXTRA_INITIAL_INTENTS when sharing on Android: providing extra actions for your users to take on the content.
I wrote a blog post on how you can make sharing links to the clipboard less painful for the user.


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The JobScheduler is your best friend.
For Android developers, I'd like to especially point out this I/O video as one to watch. It covers some of the significant changes we have been making to platform behavior to improve battery life, changes which impact all apps.

We did a lot of the outreach to apps back in Marshmallow when doze was first introduces (since it is a rare case where it impacts all apps, not just ones that target a new platform version); however, with doze light in N, it is even more important that apps follow those recommendations so they continue to work correctly. We had to make the initial doze behavior in Marshmallow fairly conservative to mitigate its impact on existing apps... but now that we've had it out there and worked with developers to update their apps, we can start tightening the screws down. :)

The presentation also gives a preview of some significant behavior changes we plan on making to the platform in a future release, related to broadcast receivers and services. This is I think the largest application model change we have ever made to the platform, so it is well worth taking a look at it now so you can prepare for when it hits. Unlike doze, we plan (at least for now) on this being something that doesn't apply to existing apps, only apps that target the newer platform version. (And many changes you make today to have your app compatible with these future restrictions will also have a positive impact for our users on current devices!)

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RecyclerView ins and outs is up on YouTube

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Themes & styles talk now available on YouTube, for those of you who couldn't attend I/O (or could, but didn't want to wake up early). Featuring +Chris Banes and myself explaining the deep, dark secrets of Android themes and styles.

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What the Fragment? from #io16 is now up on YouTube

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We announced today the project I have been working on with +John Hoford for the past year: a new constraint-based layout for android and its associated UI builder, complete with powerful tools to help you create constraints, all available on the Android Studio 2.2 preview! (use the canary build). The UI builder has been built in parallel of the layout system, and really takes advantage of it to provide a new experience.

+Romain Guy  did a really nice demo of it during the "What's new on Android"

John and I will also give a talk about it on friday morning , which will be streamed as well.

There's a codelab available , and you might have seen the mention in the keynote

Keep in mind, this is a preview, released as an alpha version -- "there might be bugs" :) -- but we want to hear from you as you use it -- don't hesitate to contact us and share suggestions, feature requests and of course, bug reports.

Check it out!

#ConstraintLayout #Android #AndroidStudio

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The article is, unfortunately, exactly what it says on the label: Trump explained in an interview with Yahoo that "We’re going to have to do things that we never did before," that "security is going to rule" under him, and that "we’re going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago." This apparently includes investigating and shutting down mosques, forcibly deporting all Muslim refugees, and unspecified further measures against Muslims in the US, including citizens. When asked point-blank, he refused to rule out creating a database registering all Muslims in the country, and requiring them to carry special identification at all times.

Combining this with his plan to forcibly deport 11 million people (about which I've written previously:, and I think it's fair to say that Trump has at this point openly advocated policies which are only associated with the Nazi party. There's no longer anything particularly metaphorical about it, nor is there any reason to distrust his honesty.

Some articles have referred to this as him going "full Godwin," but that's really not appropriate: Godwin's Law is about inappropriate metaphorical comparisons to Nazis, not people actually advocating National Socialism.

You can read the latest interview in full here:

h/t +Valdis Klētnieks for finding the story.

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Just a reminder that images like this were originally made as dystopian jokes.
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