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Anthony Salvagno
Getting any closer, would be in his shoes...
Getting any closer, would be in his shoes...

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I'm building a workshop on mobile device programming for young girls. Does anyone have an android tablet/ipad you no longer use, that you would be willing to donate to me? I'd be very appreciative! 

I'm going to attempt to introduce General Relativity to the Girl Scout badge system!

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I need to look at this further
"Pocket Code allows you to create your own games, animations, interactive music videos, and many kind of other apps, directly on your phone or tablet."  (android only, free)

Tutorials are here:

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#SciFund Challenge is offering a class on poster design using Adobe Illustrator (no experience required). The course materials will be openly accessible via the scifund blog, but consider joining the class to join class discussions and receive direct assistance. More information is available via the link.

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Have I mentioned that I'm co-instructing a course on academic poster design? Additionally, I'll be teaching you how to do it with Adobe Illustrator, my favorite design tool. So join me and my co-instructor +Zen Faulkes to learn the beauty of the scientific poster presentation. You can learn more about the course and sign up here: 

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Publishing a paper with .gifs was mildly popular on Twitter, so why not share on G+? Here's an even better publication with a plot of the analyzed images in the .gif. This is part of an ongoing experiment in #opennotebookscience  which will result in one complete publication documenting all the results from each individual experiment (all shared on the same platform).

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Great tips not just for data visualization but also science communication (think presentations, etc).
Bernard Marr offers tips for ensuring that visualizations accurately reflect the data behind them and provide decision makers with the information they need.


Has anyone heard of or used The Winnower? I'm going through a test project to completely document an experiment using ONS and completing it via publication (on the Winnower). They are graciously hosting my original ONS entries with DOIs (!!!) so that the entire publication record is complete. If all works well, this could be a huge step forward for open notebook science, since the Winnower allows publication in real-time for blogging systems and ONS platforms (many of them the same).

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This is going to be a really good panel discussion. Get to know the science communication process from the journalist perspective. What are the mistakes scientists make and how can we avoid them while communicating research? You gotta be here for this!
Scientists! How do you increase the odds that your science will be reported accurately in the media? How do you increase the chances that your research will be reported on at all? If you have been wondering about questions like this from the world of science journalism, SciFund Challenge has a panel discussion for you. For this month's SciFund Voices, we'll be interviewing a panel of distinguished science journalists to understand how their world works and how to make that world work for you. And we'll fielding questions from the audience, via Google+ and Twitter (use the #SciFund  hashtag)!
Shraddha Chakradhar (Asst. editor, Nature Medicine)
David Harris (former editor, PNAS news)
John Rennie (former editor in chief, Scientific American)
Dr. Jai Ranganathan, SciFund Challenge (moderator)

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Hosted by +SciFund Challenge  #Scifund  
Webinar TODAY on scientists' use of social media

There will be a free one-hour panel discussion TODAY, broadcast live on YouTube and Google+.
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