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hahahahah it is so true I don't mean to copy you channle rocker but it is so true
Firefox or Chrome are way better!
I live Chrome IE SUCKS
ha hah a, totally true!! I do that on fresh instals  :)
ok this must be a joke.....a very poor one at that 
Do you agree? My God, who wouldn't agree. Grandma OldFart?
Bitch please, I downloaded firefox using command prompt but I googled how to do it by using IE. Dafuq!
Holy shit..

I didn't even know that people even cared about internet explorer..
It's either google chrome or safari..

Internet explorer looks like the format of a 1995's computer and yet ur up-to date..

That wasn't a joke,
That a serious matter..
Internet explorer sucks dook
It's funny.  I was just talking to my brother this morning about installing Chrome.  Especially to take advantage or functionality on other Android devices running Chrome.
Haha absolutely!  Although my mom prefers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome is the BEST!
psh - IE is so awesome. Haven't you seen the commercials for IE9?! According to that it's the most amazing browser in the history of everything.
This has been a well know fact for years at least amongst Windows users.
Absolutely True.
The number ONE feature of a browser should be stability.  And unfortunately, I was not getting that with IE, especially running Java.  Nothing against IE ... it served me well for many years.  But I prefer Chrome now, especially when you have Android devices.  Leave internet browsing to the internet experts, Google.
That and making sure your site looks good on shitty browsers.  
oh so true. If i didnt have to use it at work, I would never even think twice about it.
Ha ha ha..................I forgot tht IE exists. Thanks for reminding and that too in such a funny (but true) way :)
Does it deserve to be called a "Browser"?
+AADHITHYA AADHITHYA IE is far from being the mother of any web browser.
I think Mosaic came first. Firefox is a descendant of Netscape & Chrome was written from scratch.
IE is the bane of web developers & a thorn in the side of regular web users.
hey guys it's almost lunch time knee slapper
it is so true. i need the internet so i can get  information for my assingment
IE 8 will be a batter
So true especially when it load slow 
Yes I agree I use google chrome chromium n Mozilla Firefox thanks Internet explorer
That is so true! I downloaded with it Google Chrome right when I first booted my new laptop =)
Yes totally agree !!!
I wholly agree with the picture. Unamusingly, though, the Facebook seems to have broken itself for Firefox and the various bits only render correctly with IE right now. Very unamusing.
Jess W.
speaking of products that are better designed... the Snooze on Kickstarter blows other docks out of the water...
Nope - From a developer point of view, worst browser ever...MS should just quit working on IE...
IE9 is much faster than chrome on my network. Its really not even close
I bought a low end lenovo laptop, an it came with chrome preinstalled (so did the Samsung one I have in my house), more and more manufacturers are doing it.
chack out the new browser Maxthon 3.0! its really cool
Shit yeah! Gotta love IE for that.
Lmao....nope, I prefer firefox even for that
Well That is true but only for Windows Users...
by the way safari is best for reading articles or other info....
I can't stand the facet that we use IE here at work, everything would work a lot smoother if we had chrome or mozilla.
Lol, agreed.XD I don't get why those ie commercials advertising with iPhone games.O.o
haha. Hate explorer. love chrome (actually, I got chrome from explorer lol) :)
Being a Chrome user I love this.
I use opera web browser. Its powerful yet easy to use. and i like how you \can hold the right mouse button and move your mouse to go back and do common tasks
Just thinking this morning that IE is my biggest headache when helping mom with her computer. 
no. google chrome all day bby. google chrome.o.e
Not true , it has many errors in browsing and get very slow when many taps open
Ha ha true! Though IE does have a good add-on for Evernote. Works really well too.
I can't imagine why people still using it (in case someone still doing). I really avoid it as best as I can.
+AADHITHYA AADHITHYA no, you couldn't be more wrong. There were at least two browsers that came before it, Netscape and Mosaic. I.E. was late to the game because Microsoft thought the internet was a fad. It deserves no respect for any reason. It is not standards compliant, it is one of the better known ways to infect a windows based machine with a virus, and truly, it IS best only used once - to download a REAL browser.
Max Xu
That is absolutely true.
Absolutely not.Google Chrome is as fast as lightning...
ohhhh awesome.  This is the laugh I need.  (typed via Firefox)
true. i used it to get google chrome
Hahaha ... took me a second read to get it lol.
Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox n Opera Mini it's better n fast web browser..
hard 2make eazy 2destory»»»»dat z money
Used safari to download another browser.
HAHAHA, that is so true, I think the only time I have used IE in the last few years was once each time, when the computer is new and I need to get Chrome :)
i have mac it already has a good browser
Internet explorer, the number one browser for making people wish their new PC came with chrome
I used IE at my old job. It sucked cause it was super slow. I've got both Firefox & Chrome on my PC. I've got Firefox on my Smartphone vs IE. Obviously, Mozilla & Google run much faster.
We would use a different browser to download a better browser if we had the choice...
I feel this ridicule was proper for IE7 and IE8. (I don't even include 6)
But, IE9 has come a long way, and MS should get some credit for finally catching up.
The games MS plays by only making it available on Vista and up is dumb. But it is a way to push the XP crowd forward.

And unfortunately, +Mozilla Firefox has been losing favor among several people I know, including myself. Seems to hang a lot.

+Google Chrome has become my favorite, but I'm finding a few sites not running in Chrome and not sure why. Yet they run in Firefox. Odd.

Let's not bash the browser that is trying to redeem itself. It might make a comeback.... might.
I like google chrome better. And I do not see how this is a joke.
I don't understand why anyone cares what browser I use ???

If you don't like, don't use it !!
Best browser is a library. End of story 
There is nothing wrong with IE other than the worrisome, unsettling, constant stream of "security updates" for it from Microsoft and the fact that Microsoft tracks you (Windows tracks you too). Actually, the hot setup is the browser from the Tor Project ( that allows you to browse without being tacked (turning off cookies quashes only one of the dozen or so ways they can track you). While you are at it, ditch any "free" e-mail accounts (TANSTAAFLL, or "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch") with Yahoo!, Google, et al. They read all your incoming and outgoing e-mail to develop leads for their advertisers which is how the "free" accounts are paid for. "Oh! Iget it! It's aprofit deal!" Seve Martin in "The Jerk."
+Brian Wood 
It's a joke because you use IE to download better browsers, you don't use Chrome to download IE.
For too many years MS thumbed their collective nose at standards in a bizarre attempt to subvert and control the Web.

Their refusal to honor standards added billions of dollars of unnecessary cost to Web development, not to mention the security holes in IE costing many billions more.

Now the folly of their efforts has become self-evident, and they're finally trying to rejoin the family of nations with IE9.

No dice.

They should not be rewarded for hampering the evolution of the Web.

IE must die.
I stopped using IE about a year ago, it was messing up my facebook, I use Mozilla now and I have no issues.
+Jeremy Dickinson Actually, chrome and safari both use the KHTML renderer, which was used for Konqueror on Linux long before it was adopted for chrome and safari.
IE is not the biological mother. IE is the surrogate mother.
Yup, I couldn't have said it better! 
+Glenn Palmer Web developers care what browser you use.
For years, Microsoft was incompatible with web standards and it made the developers jobs a nightmare to create a properly coded website, and then create work-arounds just for IE.
And as a user, you are being taught that there are alternatives.
Why cant Microsoft and Google get along to just prepackage Chrome instead of IE?
Some would argue it isn't even very good at that.
Yes, I agree, IE the is the number one browser to download a better browser the IE.
Hmmm, I feel ignorant since I have no reference point for other browsers.  Who here feels is the best browser?
Mary the mother of God... This is the true-est thing I've ever read on Google+...
+Natsuru Senou I still use Firefox. I have both the Beta and Release versions. I'm not sure if it's a plug-in or extension that is causing the lockups. Plain vanilla works, but what is Firefox without AdBlock, or some sort of ad blocking add-on?
After months of fighting the need for something more stable, I finally made Chrome the main browser. And I am not crazy about being 'all Google' where things are headed.

I still have hopes for Firefox.
Ie 9 is superior to Firefox in terms of stability soooooo nah ie is actually pretty good in my book
NO - when had it it sucked - it has so many holes in it - and it is slow - i eventually had enough and got a apple mac
Zoë G
Haha I get it :)
Absolutely. Second to none in that category.
That's a reason why i love IE.
Now you got me thinking, it there a way to download chrome without opening IE in windows ? ( Like when you have a fresh copy of windows)
Mike E
@Manojkumar Muralidharan   Yes there is a way.  You can do it in the command prompt.  Google search it ;) 
Oh, again.. Why to kick dying horse, again and again? 
you've gotta be kidding me! -__- 
Haha that's funny,but I'm not sure it's true.
hall ya i do and thts true but firefox does it too but mayb not as much...
Oh yeah, not even sure what version I have on my computer, but I don't even upgrade.  It only gets used to download chrome and firefox so I can work with some assurance of safety
Yeah :'-)))))))))))))))))))
bill gates will get ya that's really good
I have not used IE Explorer in some time.
Chrome browser runs better.
I have used them all and IE is the only one that never gives me a problem.
I don't use it mainly because of the zoom feature not locking. With Chrome I can set 125% zoom and it stays that way as a setting. Whereas IE likes to reset it with every session, that and it needs to be done to each new page/tab. So for me, if IE DID lock a zoom setting...well no, I'd still stick with Chrome, I use Google everything. As you can see.
i agree... the only thing i have used IE for ever is to install a better browser ( FF and Chrome ) once at the time of buying a new pc....
Yes using it for last X years to do the same :) So true
in the words of my sister "the only thing you use internet explorer for is to down load your web browser"
i really disagree on that one.

Since I decided to give a try on ie9 I found its the fasted for regular-javascripts (I still don't really get why in tests chrome and firefox are so faster, but when i'm opening real-life sites the framerate is almost doubled in ie9 for js).

I've also come to like the fact i can disable tabbed browsing (tabs were a great solution for windows xp and pre-xp... but windows 7 aero made a 'tab'-lization in o.s, level, so tabs became uncessary)

Also I do seriouslly enjoy the fact it blends to o.s. interface and doesn't have a load of 'crap' on the window like other browsers. Its the most minimal browser I've found.

And for those "ow ie doesn't support a lot of stuff", ok that might be, but the only commomly used css featue i don't see ie supporting right now is text-shadow.
Yep, IE sucks donkey nuts.  Even IE9, as improved as it is, is not nearly as good or as widely distributed as chrome (and has many fewer features).  When IE 10, it is supposed to be technically very similar to chrome, but it will still be missing the Google app ecosystem that chrome brings, as well as the mass cross compatibility with every computing platform and mobile device.  Yeah IE sucks.
If you don't understand this, get Google chrome.
definitely agree lol
I swear by Chrome! Love it!
Getting a little old. Only like the 20th time this has been posted.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
It's more true than funny.
I use Linux so ie is not in the mix period.
Firefox, Chrome, Opera.
It's pretty much the only thing it's good for.
Hehe!! Any computer freak IT expert that deals with all the neighbours windows fresh install would LOL to this.
Nice. Couldn't agree more. 
It's now several years I've forgotten about IE.
"the number one browser for absolutely nothing"
Amy J
Got a good chuckle out of me.
Oh there is truth in it all xD
If you like a browser that is slow and when one tab freezes the rest do too. Looking for a better option. Firefox does crash occasionally and chrome lacks full support. Anyone know of a good browser at all?
thts the only best thing abut internet explorer  ...hahaha
Chrome is a resource hog.
It's not funny.just use whatever browser you like,and stop being so superior.(and yes I use chrome)so what.
Sometimes truth is funnier than fiction... :D
+Les Taylor  I'm not sure wich version are you running, ie8?

but here ie9 runs a single process for each tab, the whole browser does not goes down when something crash.
I agree with david - to each his own.  come on people - really ?!? now it's about the best browser - get over it.
Buy a new computer.
Step 1) Open IE.
Step 2) Download Chrome
Step 3) Close IE
Step 4) Install Chrome
Step 5) Delete any evidence IE was ever on your computer.
Yeah seriously what's so funny

I hate Internet Xplorer.
that is so slow browser.
The best browser is of course Google Chrom.
Google Chrome is faster, more secure and if you're a online gamer, less freeze-ups. I have my theories about why this is, but open-source apps have less baggage, for starters - Mozilla Firefox was my favorite, but they messed with it so much, half the apps no longer work! 
haven't used IE for ages, not missing though, ditto for Outlook (Thunderbird rocks, Gmail even more)
IE has more problems than just slow +AADHITHYA AADHITHYA it's hooroble on websites and website developers. Ftp's etc. Its just garbage all around.
ie 9 was the one that converted me to chrome.never looked back
No I'd rather use Firefox or something else to download Chrome
That's precisely what happened when I first used it on my new computer.
What is IE..... Lol. Honestly I haven't used IE since XP.... Not even to download another browser. When I setup my pc I use the install file for chrome or firebox from an extra hard drive I keep it on.
este é o vicio k quase todos tem,com excessao dus k nau conhecem.
Strange, the thing that ie makes difficult is exploring the Internet.
IE is a lot better than it used to be. I've switched back to it from Firefox
dude seriously get chrome waaaay better then explorer and firefox true...and i love how when you are trying to change your default search provider it states something went wrong and defaults to Live search. On top of that you really have to search for Google on their list of providers...i mean shouldnt Google fairly be on the top of that list since they are the most widely used search engine?! Go figure!
Have seen TV ads for IE 9.  If Microsoft invested more on product development and less on marketing....  well, you know the rest.   Anyway, the song in the TV ad is catchy!  :-)
They should have Chrome on their home page "Download for Better Experience!" Or better yet include as part of their shipped operating system! They may actually get more people to like Windows!
You get +1 for originality. Not.
The smartass ppl are ripping on it and the clueless don't get it. I say get up to date and remember your digital roots.
Jarek W
Internet explorer isn't mother of any browser, before ie was Netscape which Mozilla is based on. There should be no respect at all,most viruses comes through that browser. Ie is the most bugy and and slowest browser on the world. It's famous because Microsoft been adding it to every release of it's operating system. When Microsoft has been judged for this by us court then starts offering other browsers in windows 7 because it was illegal to have monopoly for only one browser. People didn't know there is any alternative... they thought internet explorer is the only browser on the market.
Jarek W
All internet explorer lovers click here :
bill gates ur super successful  and yet u have to design a sucky internet browser go figure... :<
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