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Look again...
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@gabriellacrocco who cares if you were 1st?!
Looks more like a drink can to me.
i thought it was a camera toooo
+Gabriella Crocco  You dont know me. You dont know what im capable of. Last time i checked, you didnt give birth to me. You arent my mother so screw off. Im not trying to be mean, but if its called for, i will go off on you. Believe me it wont be pretty.
+Gabriella Crocco i would be better off if you were my mother and you gave me up. I would rather you give me up then having to deal with your ass.
+Gabriella Crocco excuse me? How do you know what i look like?? And how old are you, like seriously? You're probably just some 12 year old trying to be cool on the Internet 
hahaha thats the most pathetic come back ever!!! & can you not stalk me please 
+Gabriella Crocco OH BUT YOU ARE A BRO! You're a little he-she that wants attention because you (or should i call you an it) are a little immachure brat. kthxbai
it will be a nice cover for a camera
+Gabriella Crocco who me? Think again hun. Im more machure than you are. JUST SCREW OFF OKAY?! Okay. Nice to know you understand, Troll.
+Gabriella Crocco actually i dont do any of that. But i bet you wished i would watch that. ONLY because those are your jobs. But no thanks. Im not interested in watching you. Or anyone else for that matter. kthxbai
It took me like 5 minutes to figure out what it was supposed to be...
That's cool. I want to learn how to make something like this.
A can and a pair of tin snips should do the trick.
What is it supposed to be?
that'd be EPIC if it really was a camera
Is it just a can that's supposed to look like a camera?
its a camera in a can- get it? a tool in a can
a Arizona tea can formed into a camera type thingy
whoa thts cool
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