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yep ....................i m one of them............
Seriously I do that all the time and also swing my legs. Got to move everything away when I'm playing PS3 because I do this and knock stuff over lol 
where did you find those pics of me?? cus that looks just like me (while gaming)
i hate it when that happens to me
I am so that! Except gamer " girl" doesn't mean any thing because my bro actually gets out of his seat and like, jumps around:)
lol that is what my friend does every time
Girls do that a lot lol...

Unless you play MW3 with my crew...heehee love the bouncing betty
Yea I do that I knock over glass cups and stuff
somtimes i get so freaked out the chair falls over!
that's soo me when i play my games lol
i love video games but when my bro makes me lose i lose control
That's not true,... You don't have any pic with she stand up!!
When I want my person to run faster I hop out of my chair and start running in place!!
kk hm
this is my sister!
The same way I play
thats how my mom plays hahahahahahaha
That is so my baby girl. She has been playing vid games for past 6 yrs and she is better then me.. My girl is almost 9. I love my Gamer Girl..
HA LOL that is soo me on the weekends
heheheheheh.....................dats my sis
thats me when i am playing call of duty lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That drives me crazy seeing people doing that.
I always think if I move the controller enough that it might actually work! Then I forget about the toggles.
LoL.. that's me.. always lean like its gunna help.. hahahaha.. 
So true...should have seen the first time I played Halo ten years ago...I jumped and dropped the controller when the bad guys come and get ya before you even get a weapon in those beginning moments of the game.
1) This is it! Xemnas! Final boss!
2) ACK! I didn't know he could do that!!!
3) Is... is he dead?
(Seriously? How did you find out my reactions when I was beating KH2? XD)
i completely love gmaer girls  if there is one 19 or older and you ever in jamaica look me up please
Very much it even looks like me
This looks all too familiar.  LOL!
Thats me playing mortal kombat 9 haha:D
Oh i do that all the time XL lol!!!
tht is deffinetinly me.... my brother yells at me for it
That's where they got the idea for the Wii remote :)
shiva n
oh god, my bro act like this ;)
hahahaahah thats totaly me but on a wii and psp!!!!!!!!!!
Jade Le
thats so mw 
I can relate...when I tried games I probably look like that:)
back in the NES days I looked like that!
I brlieve you meant to say GAMER, not gamer girl... That is very sexist of you. Why do we need to label the gender of a gamer... We are all the same, we are all one, and resistance is futile!
I hate to confess this, but it's almost as if the artist has watched me play Skyrim :)
That is my sister she plays all day and every not the is even my to brothers and my cusion who does that lol haha :-)
thats me when i play halo also im upalmost all night playing it!
+Ferid Muayyad
That is only true if you only use a current gen system. Me personally, I have every system I have ever owned, from a Celicovision / Atari 2600 to my Super Famicom - to my PS3 / Xbox 360. Some of us still play wired games. I mean really, who can go a week with out playing pitfall? Am I right?
My mate is like this on Call Of Duty :) haha x
done that on nearly every game i played but tongue sticking out :^
thats me running away from zombies on minecraft .... im like '' OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP.... RUN AWAY!!!!!! Y WONT YOU GO FASTER XBOX CONTROLLER?????!!!!???!!!!!!'' ...then im like ''now that i have a sword .... PREPARE TO DIE ZOMBIES!!!!"
Heh I do this and I'm a gamer guy... profiled..
I thought it was just me:)
i do this too with my DS but i forget that i cant do that i have to move the buttons
I remeber i did that o goodness thank goodnesss i was on the floor.
This is me! I play video games jus like this, I am so glad I am not the only one.
Is this a girl thing? Cause I have never done this nor have any of my friends...
she looks like she's better than me at whatever she's playing.
Don't play games, I have a life instead!
That's not how I play. And I play games all the time. 
I love video games; I really go insane playing with them and it's awesome. :D
Rae H
Not me so much but I've seen my friends do that. :)
That's me with temple run!!
if im doing it on a d.s. i move my arms and the ds and sometimes... my self!!!
Isha B.
Haha, I do this and yel at my brother at the same time. Who said you can't multitask?
I LOVE GAMER GIRLS!!!! WOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!... heck if im really into the game i play like that to =P
Very good depiction of how I get my game on!
gamer girls and gender swirls, they're ugly ass biddies, ruinin the world
+Krack White 
this is so NOT me...I don't like video games. but this is still funny.
I'm worse than that though... lol... I cuss and yell and scream when someone kills me in COD.... lol...
Eh, the only moving I do while gaming is moving my mouth (cursing) and hitting the buttons so damn hard as I fight a boss
not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im her but i stand up when im frustrated and start jumping and cursing
I don't play video games, but when I do, that's totally me!:)
I am not even aware that it's a game most of the time. I just move around insanely,swinging my remote in the air!
Hez R
I know right?! Some people used to swing the controller around wildly even in the days before the wii :D
lol totally me when playing!
My eyes never leave the screen LOL
thats me when Dance Moms come on lol
yes thats me when i am playing a race car game
 igual que yo cuando juego a la play con mi primo jejeje
Chicks and there reflexes..... So funny..
this is kinda like me in a way
Jamie G
one of those sometimes
thank God cable long enough!!!!! *lol
lol! yeah that is TOTALLY me....
My grandma played Mario and it was amusing to see her body motions to mimick what she wanted Mario to do lol. Good memories
Although I am a boy, I used to do same while playing Video games
That is not me, but my husband is, so funny, and cute
female gamers give wang the best erections
Thats how i played Nintendo when I was a kid. Ha ha ha...oh the memories.
That is exactly how i play the legend of zelda- wind waker. x3
not our fault we girls dont know how to play!!!
haha my bff, my mama, sister and me are all gamer girls :)
My mom did it..hhh kind if kinesthetic people..and very fun and refresh too seeing her happy... ^^
It's not limited to girls I have seen many guys doing the same... Trying to dodge a bullet in Counter Strike by physically move left and right during enemy fire...
that is me we have  everything in common including the hair
Dedicated gamer girls done have corded controllers. hehe 
Hell yeah...used to chuckle at my little girl doing this year's ago - she'd b totally oblivious!x
oh my god thts my cousin in the picture her name is tifany
i do this only on the driving games ....hence why i don't play them cause i feel like an artard cause i can't sit still
haha i did this with a ds when i first played mario kart
my brother and i do that on are ps2.
HaHa I Do this evry singl time :D
Kinda looks like me playing BC2 sometimes! :(
Yep. I can so relate
morgs p
thats a laugh
This is the main reazon because kinect was made.
That's why they invented six axis controllers

I do not have vidio games
LOL, my girlfriend +Heather Pacelli  fits this just right.  I think it should be a secret hangout i should start without her knowing.
hahaha theres me on a
i mostly play on my laptop one too lol
gamer girls are the best!
Not me but maybe some of my friends ☺
I know some chicks like this.
There isn't one where she is upside down.
Yea thts me ................. I like this games
lol I even do the little scream when im going to crash or die.
Ahh, reminds me of some of my friends. 
is this supposed to be funny cuz it isnt really but it is more funny when a real person does unlike fake just sayin'
Im just the bottom left one! My eyes dry out from not blinking.
this is me in a boss that just won't die.......--__--
so, girls move their hands around while playing? I wish this wasn't so sexist... I jump, turn and all in my seat... and I am a guy.
I am not a gamer anymore but I so remember doing that in my younger years :)
i am a gamer and i think i will give u credit
For some reason I remember that waving my arms around frantically made me play ps2 better. 
that is soo weird cause i would do that and i would "play better" ?:/
i wish i knew a girl loves gaming as much as me  i would try to get her number
حیجان زیاد=سکته
I love video games. Specially The Sims. I kill for that collection
Stop asking me to share and +, I'll share and / or + whatever the hell I want. This is becoming more more like Facebook "like" fever.
I love video games! But I always look so stupid while I'm playing them :D
I hate when ppl play like that lol,I have to much skills to play like that.
I met a girl on Ps3 Gran Turismo 5 and she got me in a race D=

 Dumb girl vid game players >=O
But I en up standing up at the end
Ashli N
I like videos games but I don't have enough time to do any of those movements cause I can finish a game like 30 mins and that's the truth
i wish i knew a girl who loves video games i would definently i would  ask for thier number
this is totally me and im a girl i've been playing video games whine i was 3 or 4
I apologize when I shoot the wrong character, too.
i have lots of gameing system but i don't play them all the time because i too busy fouced my goal and that is helping or find me a job so i can;t work my butt off to get some games i kown what your thikin but hey i got to eat and be happy when i buy somethig big like new games and new more so yes i do play games but right after my work out.
Lol, reminds me of my lil cousin, haha .. as if it makes a difference, Lmao!
Please don't start all of the "share this"/"(+1)Like this" stuff on Google+. It sounds like you're fishing for shit.
its not funny. my hands start sweating, sometimes i go for minutes before remember to breathe. and dont even get me started on racing games... i have fallen out of chairs multiple times. and i love thats its a ps2 controller! 
i seem to jerk out of the way on racing games
Hahaha! I see people do this while playing Wii all the time. Oh wait, you have to do that. Hahaha.
I hate it wen that happens i get to caught up in the game
How. Do. I. Post. A. Photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? 😱😪😓👿😡😠😖😰😨😣💻📷🎥🔫💣
Actually, this is the last comment. :)
500th comment!! :] oh yeh thts me!! :] im sooo obsessed with video games!!!! :]]]]
i am like gamer gamer girl im on the computer and my games 22/24 hrs of the day
Im a gamer girl but i play like a boss
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