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Simple maths... Get it? then re-share it please...
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Guru raj
mirror the 2nd one n put it b4 the first one
Vicky invert the first number and put them together.
i got 3+3=8,7+7=triangle bt i couldnt find fish
i get it! doesn't mean your smart tho...
I get it the numbers represent the answers
oh yes i am it!!!
it seems to have a prime number of three???????? i don't get it.
that's not funny for stupid people like me
combine the letters, merge them almost graphically. its spelling out the shape they make when merged. its not smart, its somewhere between creative and retarded.
lol not smart but i get it!!!!!!! LOL
I would definitely not say that only smart people will get this.. its more that people with a more creative/think outside the box mind will.
So reminiscent of a Simpson's episode.... D'oh!
Yay, got it immediately. I've seen too many of this kind of puzzle XD
I get it. Although it did take me a while.
Way to easy. Although it did take me about 1 second. I thought I felt a bit slow today. :P 
If you flip the number 2 and put a normal 2 together, it looks like a picture of a fish.
If you flip a 3 and put it with a normal 3 it looks like an 8.
And if you turn one seven upside down and put it with a flipped and turned upside down seven, it looks like a triangle.

Now try drawing it, you'll get it!!!!
Umm, last time I checked 3+3=snowman.
@Tessa...just flip the first number (mirror image) and either place it on top of the second number (hence fish and eight) or next to it (hence triangle)
That's a good brain teaser. I get it, but it took about two minutes before I did.........
yep about 10 secs and im not smart :P
fish ate a triangle?  That can cause some serious indigestion!
Reyn D
You don't really have to be smart to get this ...
this is bullshit.... try 6+9=.....
ha thats awesome it took me a minute though
Sometimes the easiest things are the most difficult to understand...
they should have done 1+1= a window
I got it , put the numbers together and it makes the shape of a fish number 8 and shape of a triangle
Got it and can add a few more.

8 + 8 = Flower
7 + 7 = isosceles Triangle
1 + 7 = Right Triangle
3 + 1 = B
9 + 6 = Balance
 very easy to get it just stick the two numbers it will turn  to shape  and that is the answer 
That was way too easy!  No just kidding took me a bit!  By the way did any actually put it on paper?
problem solvers get that, too too easy.
I got was just a like a kiddish prank
I get it, but i had to read the comments first hahah
why do you even feel the need to say "got it" 
haha thats hilarios......first i had to draw it out in my mind oops
what what i dont someone explain?!?!
put the numbers together as a drawing and you get what it equals!
"Only smart people would get this."

I don't know... I got it almost immediately and I wouldn't consider myself smart, just average.
Naw Ing
For Idiots only

combine: flip one and join the 2s to make a fish shape, flip one and combine the 3s to make an eight & likewise flip and combine the 7s to make a triangle..pass on the answer.
YA  I GET IT !!! BUT SO WHAT???  JUST REVERSE And join the numbers together back to back and you a picter of  have a fish #8 and #7
that is so cool I got  it the first time!!
It's less that only smart people would get it and more that only artistic people would get it.
Very clever, took me about one minute. Who is to give the answer, but then you have a point on the ability of the people. You need to think hard when it's right there face
My boyfriend got it in three seconds.
finally sheesh took pete and I a few, we cheated but got it!
Got It.  It is more visual eh :)
i are an smart peeple. 
this I found easy to figure out. Just a matter of how one thinks
Got it. I quite liked that! It's quirky and interesting. 
oldest joke... but cant say any thing. it took me a month to figure this out in grade school.
4+4 = Kite.... hehe... whos smart now.....
ha simple whiteman riddle can't fool wang! but can wang fool whiteman? what do you call goat that never sleep?
I finally got it after a while and after my cousin explained it to me LOL
See IF you can solve this tough test. Took me couple minutes. Good luck.
Lax Bro
flip first # and combine them together
ex. 3+3=8 DUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuu........
Got it in less than a minute ^_^
i'm smart, too. or maybe we're all just stupid and it's a trick because only stupid people get it and only stupid people believe him when he says only smart people get it... we're smart.
3 + 3 could also be a butterfly
got 2 admit i had to read comments to figure it out
i get it!  you just put the 2's together and it makes the shape of a fish, so put the 3's together and it makes 8, the 7's together and it makes a triangle
uh, im not smart, and i figured it out within seconds. try harder next time k? ;)
i dont get this... then again i aint very smart so its ok :)
ok you want harder? forty + ten + ten = sixty. Here's the clue - every letter stands for a number.
yes!im 11 and i understand it!!!! im smarter then adults!lol
Its funny how people make stupid puzzles up then call other people stupid for not getting it! Here is one for ya, 3-4=golf
If you reversed one of number 3 feace to feace
Yo fund number 8
I'm just wanna say I got it, until I get it later.... 
sweet got it! but that's not because I'm smart, it's because this is how I used to think as a kid lol
بس ابا اعرف شوه سالفة 2+2
U gotta think outside of the box, it's not math
Jack S
mirror image the numbers
thanks all you smart people...I must not be...:)
Naw Ing

It's relationship with him who created all things the one who truly feeds us all...
that does not makes sense. I get  it too
Dina Pl
That was fun!
Well I got it in a second.... so not sure about the"only smart people would get this" part!
Andy Ux
its too easy. and "this." is an orphan word. A smart person would not leave one word alone in one line to finish a sentence.
Got it. Took about 2 seconds.
Hahaha took me some thinking... But i got it!!
Naw Ing
I don't think it's a smart thing
Just for idiots

Perhaps someone smart could enlighten me?
Omg ..thanks nadia hammond first time seeing this
i just wonder if all my teachers were dumb?
Turn the second number in opposite direction and you will get the answer

Seems more like Geometry, but cute anyway.
that is so true and funny!!!!!
:) :) :) :)
lol- the first time I saw this I didn't get it.... and but the second time I got it!  Cute.
I only got it after reading 'only smart people will get this'
I'm not that smart and that's not that difficult.
Someone please explain this to me. 
Got it but I don't think I am smart lol
That took me way too long.... :-(
That was too easy. Really. You l took me few seconds to realise it.
actually using the first 2 as a basis for design 7+7 would be a headless fish with no closed tail. but the foot of the 7 would still cross... triangle would only happen if the other two did not overlap.
Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
took like 7 seconds to get it >.> i guess you weren't lying when it said "simple"
im smart 2 but its supposed to be funny
The 2+2 not even a fish. It's more sort of like spring roll.
I get it. Took me 8 seconds. Very very clever. Usually I'm slow at this stuff though. Maybe I just got lucky.
why make it complicated? why not just say 2 is fish 3 is eight 7 is triangle at least thats how it looks to me when i draw an imaginary line through the numbers hahaha oh sorry i didnt know i was supposed to invert the numbers
Kewl. 3+3 and 7+7 i got instantly, but 2+2 i struggled with for 10 seconds
clever i got it but most people i know would take forever and some pretty drastic explaining
Rubbish you have to mirror it for it to make sense stupid picture
everybody says im smart but i dont get it
just join the letters side by side
Please explain I'm lost. Guess I'm not smart 
That's pretty stupid, and everybody is lying when they say they get it!!!!!!
It's all about reversing the number shape and superimposing it on the other digit. It's not really maths (though maybe geometry) as much as typography. Sorry, did I spoil it?
I got it right away, but then again I'm left handed.
I Get It ! Only Smart Peppoo Get It ! Lol I Feel Smart Now ! 
because you need to add them together, not draw a line
Didn't know I was smart, I got it too
Got it... in a matter of seconds :) Love it!
Though I guess it it more the creative people that see it instantly. Smart has little to do with it ;)
yeah i dont get it either i am soo dumb in the head and noo i am not a blonde
I get it know invert the first and put the two together, Matt Petersen, get it know.
I see what you did there. . . 
* Presses Staples Easy Button *
My guess is that if you put 2 and 2 together it makes a fish and so on.
i got it YAY!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, don't get it.
I'm a doom ass.
ohhhh there the smartness i me
You mean only dumb people will get this
Can somebody please explain this to me!? 760-617-7666. Thanks. :-) 
I got it in plank time, that's how smart I am... /sarcasm
Hmmmm, like insulting the reader, now do you...
Took me a while then i realized hahaha
It has been like 2 hours and i still don't get it :(
Ha ha sounds like one off my go a hafe mask could in count past two +double 7, lap dance rs =no a bonea labb top im realy tied up wow huff bugged a full glass off wine montanner 1937 cool.
I got it the first time I read this OH YEAH!!!! lol
you the smart one tell what is this mean
I got it! that's funny! It has more to do with shapes than it does to math!
Took me about 1 minute but then I got it. Lol
i dont get it please someone explain!
Wow, I can't believe I didn't see it the first time.. it's really simple
reverse the 1st ones and delete the '+'...I'm stupid
take the numbers and see them as shapes, then combine them. Turning one backwards on the other. a fish, a number 8 and a triangle.
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takes a little abstract thinking, but yeah, it makes sense. :P
2 sec got it... ahahaha
Just revered the first number then youll see.
uhhhh i dont get it. isnt 2+2=3?
and 3 with 3 make 9 right?
11+11+11+11+333 = my grandma fence hit by tanks..
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