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A new undercover video by a pro-life group purportedly shows another senior official of Planned Parenthood​ discussing the sale of aborted fetal body parts.

More on this story tonight at 6pmET and with the #SpecialReport panel. #SRin60
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Jimmy Bowman

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Why has John Boehner (R Speaker of the House) not initiated impeachment proceedings against the President?  

US Constitution: Article II, Section 3 states "... he [The President] shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed."  

The US Constitution does not give the executive branch the ability to change the law or to re-interpret the law.  The President is instructed to take Care that the Laws are faithfully executed.  He does not have the authority to adhere to only part of a certain law; nor does he have the ability to re-write the law.

But, that's exactly what the President did; essentially, the administration is mis-using its executive authority to implement the DREAM Act in that they have instructed law enforcement to stop deporting young undocumented (uhm, ILLEGAL) immigrants who meet certain criteria.

Executive Order or whatever, the President has no authority to change the law; in fact, he swore an oath to uphold the law.  When he created the executive order to rewrite the immigration law, he broke his commitment to uphold the laws of the land.
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Jimmy Bowman

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Hello.  My name is Jimmy Bowman, and I'll just come right out and say it...  I am a hardcore conservative. To be specific, I would consider myself a libertarian.  I didn't join this community so that I could try and ruffle feathers.  I joined because I thought it might help me to understand the progressive ideology.  

If some of you are interested, I thought that  we could pick a political topic each week and politely argue our ideals about that topic.  Not only could we make our position,we could explain WHY we take that position.  I really think it could help us better understand why we differ in our ideals.

I hope to get some participation, and I look forward to a friendly argument about current political landscape!!! :)  

Jimmy Bowman, Virginia.     
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+Jimmy Bowman AS long as you have a positive purpose. Overall, people have to start communicating to bridge this divide we have across the country. I am skeptical, even though I have engaged with conservatives, with the same purpose, most of them simply want to argue, not participate in actual discussion or conversation, ignoring facts and the majority of the people in this country that simply to not agree with them. So here is hoping you are truly interested in positive conversation....not  just argument : ) 
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Hi Jimmy you look good and it good to see you. 
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