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Steve Kunzer
Programme Manager with specialities in obscure music and rpgs
Programme Manager with specialities in obscure music and rpgs


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Got to win today! #COYG
Here for #Arsenal v Tottenham

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Here again for the game against Southampton. Looking forward to seeing the new signings today :-)


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Here for the Legends match today. The result doesn't matter, but still #COYG

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First game back, v Liverpool.
Let's hope we get off to a good start!

Edit: Patchy performance, lacking when it mattered. Too weak, too many areas where there was no fight. The fight back after going 4-1 down was too little too late.

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Wow, that's some jump!
Now that Wimbledon is here, wouldn't you rather see this on the tennis court?

A striker, a striker, my kingdom for a striker

The newspapers, writing about football in England, are trumpeting the news that Vardy has decided to stay at Leicester and reject the offer from Arsenal.

They're saying that Arsenal fans are angry, but on my Twitter timeline, and elsewhere all I'm seeing is Arsenal fans saying, in agreement, "meh, so what!"

Which is exactly what I feel about it.

I mean, whilst I agree Arsenal need a good striker to join Giroud up front, I would never have chosen Vardy.

I'd hoped that Walcott or Welbeck could have been that 'other' striker up front, but neither have proved to be "the one". Although to be fair, some of that is due to injury... possibly.

The trouble with seeing a proven striker (like Vardy), is style.

Vardy plays in a team whose style is 'route 1'. They hoof the ball into the box, and Vardy leaps on it. An opportunist, and a very sharp one, no doubt about it.

But that's not how Arsenal play. They play slow build up, tippy tappy, some say 'pretty', football. It can be immensely frustrating, though when it works, it's beautiful to watch.

When you try to put a square peg in a round hole, it doesn't fit. Such it is with Vardy. Such it will be with any player we buy who isn't flexible and have more to his game. We need intelligent players to play Arsene Wenger's system well. Arguably we don't have enough of them anyway, without adding someone else that wouldn't fit.

Vardy is the type of footballer who throws energy and commitment into his game. His quick decision making though is predicated on the style and system Leicester play. Arsenal require more than that.

We still need a good striker (I'd take Aguero in a heartbeat), but it needs to be one that will fit our system.

So, are we disappointed not to get Vardy. Hmmmmm, well a little, in that a rejection always hurts. But honestly, almost all Arsenal fans I've spoken to aren't particularly bothered.

They still want a decent striker though.

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Xhaka Can

Great news, first signing of the summer. Here's hoping he can make it at The Arsenal.

Also hoping for more :-)


(bonus points if you 'get' the title)

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What if?

I think the deal had/has already been done. But what if it hasn't?

What if it doesn't get done?

If, for some reason, Mourinho cannot agree terms with Man Utd, then what do they do?

I wonder if they have a Plan B?

Paging +Andy Cowling for his thoughts

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I'm no fan of Man Utd, but the time they gave to Ferguson to get it right, which led to a reign of immense proportions, and the potential legacy they had, seem to have been thrown away.

Moyes may have been a mistake, but was he really given a chance? Van Gall similarly, now disappears into the distance.

Some of the criticism of both Moyes and Van Gall, centred around their style of play, with many people saying things like "he's not a Man Utd man". And yet I remember when Mourinho was first touted as a new manager for Man Utd, wasn't it either Fergie or Bobby Charlton (or both) who said that Mourinho was not a Man Utd man too?

I'm pretty sure Mourinho is not a Man Utd man. That's not to say he can't bring them success, but he's hardly the manager to build an enduring legacy. Personally I think he's a mistake for Man Utd - they'd have been far better off with (someone like) Klopp.

So I feel sorry for LVG. It's a bit crap to win a trophy and then get sacked like that. Still... look what happened to Ranieri! Fired from Chelsea because "he'll never win the title" (according to Abramovich), going on to win it with Leicester. Maybe expect LVG to re-appear and lead Sunderland to the title in a couple of years time ;-)
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