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Rebecca Mills
I run a new blog and I enjoy writing, photography and performing
I run a new blog and I enjoy writing, photography and performing

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Wow, sorry for the low amount of posting! Hopefully this holiday I'll add more, as well as update the Facebook page I set up (search A Photographer Kid on Facebook and like the page! :D ) So, its now about two weeks to Christmas? I am so excited, especially...

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Camera Club: Food photography
Hey guys! Sorry for the long time between posts, but this one is quite an interesting and fun post! So, last Thursday, I tagged along with my dad to his photography club that runs locally and it was his turn to lead the session, which he decided to do food ...

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The last month...
I am so sorry that it has been a month since my last update! I am beginning to think about doing some more photography but I just don't have the time available, as I have school and a LOT of coursework and homework and tests (oh my!). I hope that, during th...

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The Funny Things In Life...
Have you ever seen something that caught your eye, that makes you laugh a little? It's moments like those that I love the most, where the...
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