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Post has attachment to +github..well more accurately new to actually planning to do some actual coding..might as well avail of tools that use other tools i'm familiar and comfortable yes?

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Aluminum Nanocylinders Increase Efficiency of Any Type Solar Panel 

Researchers at the Imperial College London have determined that tiny nanocylinders of aluminum; 
improve the amount of light trapped inside its absorbing layer, leading to electrical current gains as high as 22 percent.  ⓐ

This all-important layer is where incoming photons collide with the atoms in the structure and "knock off" electrons, generating a current.  ⓐ

In an effort to reduce manufacturing costs, scientists have been focusing on ways to reduce the thickness of the absorbing layer while keeping efficiencies high. One approach involved depositing arrays of gold and silver studs on top of the solar cells. Since these metals are known to interact strongly with light, the studs were meant to deflect photons at an angle, so that most photons would travel for longer distances within the absorbing layer, and have a greater chance of knocking off an electron.  ⓐ

But gold and silver turned out to not work as they predicted.
Unfortunately, that was not the case. A great portion of light was actually absorbed by the studs and, rather than increasing, the overall current produced by the cell actually decreased.  ⓐ

As stated in the open access research paper available below:
Both near-field confinement as well as far-field scattering and light trapping effects have the potential to deliver absorption enhancements in solar cells however parasitic absorption in metal nanoparticles remains a key problem yet to be overcome.  ⓑ

Armed with a better understanding of how the internal structures of different metals interact with light, Dr. Nicholas Hylton and colleagues set out to test a similar array of aluminum nanocylinders.  ⓐ

Besides being cheaper and more abundant than either gold or silver, aluminum is also much better at reflecting and scattering light without absorbing it. Thus, when photons hit the nanoarray, many more are deflected and travel through the absorption region for greater distances, as originally intended.  ⓐ

The results show:
This finding has significant implications for the enhancement of full solar cell devices; by combining the scattering properties of our Al nanoparticle arrays with conventional antireflection coatings, significant steps could be made towards thinner devices while maintaining the high power conversion efficiencies associated with GaAs cells.

Something as simple as tiny nanocylinders may help increase the efficiency and lower the cost of solar panels.  


ⓑ Full paper available:

Images from the paper in Nature:
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"We try not to focus on how big the elephant is. We take one bite at a time," said Mr. Fairchild when asked how OpenX could compete with a market leader as dominant as Google. 

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Very excited!

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We may have just discovered our Hardware platform! a revolutionary product for a ReVolutionary Enterprise!

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Is it just me or does this look like Dr. Evil (Mike Meyers)?
Factory Tour – New Assembly Lines
Conceived by Jean Nouvel, the New Assembly Lines is the most recent addition to the Ferrari plant, an extension to the existing building for the assembly of the 8 and 12 cylinder cars.
The key element is light, thanks to the roof made of reflective plates and large skylights. Furthermore there are micro-gardens forming a plant filter to absorb noise. From the outside the building seems to be rooted in a green platform formed according to the principles of spontaneity of Gilles Clément's Third landscape. The workers’ work is facilitated thanks to the use of colours, such as a red fence for the project’s area and the outside shell in stainless-steel sheets, creating an interplay of colours with the “cittadella” Ferrari.
For further information:
Factory Tour – New Assembly Lines (4 foto)
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Lock and load!

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