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Happy Roe v Wade day! Let's all have some non-procreative sex to celebrate!

Could someone recommend an app I can use to listen to my e-books? I have a Samsung Galaxy s3, and the stock app won't keep my place; it keeps going back to the start of the chapter when I close the app. #galaxys3   #androidapps   #samsungfail  

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This has some great tips for managing life with toddlers and dogs. Both are difficult, no matter how well behaved they are!
#pets #toddlers #parenting

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You're welcome to relax by this coffee table, but try not to get teleported.

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#Christmaslist   Right, +Ben Osborn ? 
Yes, there is a hippopotamus on my lawn. Isn't he handsome?

Anyone have any tips for the New Gmail Inbox? I really don't have the energy to figure out more email shit. I just figured out color coding for my labels!
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