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Gregor Vuga
I am time grown old to destroy the world.
I am time grown old to destroy the world.


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D&D fell through because too many people canceled so we played Blood Rage and Indian Summer instead. Not a replacement for roleplaying but excellent games nevertheless. Probably more photogenic than scrawly, stained, dog-eared character sheets and DM notes though.
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The LotR Amazon series and the responses make me mad. You can ask me why tomorrow, it's 2am and I don't wanna stay up any longer just to yell at the internet.

Unpopular opinion: Blade Runner 2049 was ass.
(spoiler space)
•I felt it had approximately 0 fresh ideas, and it didn't sell me on the ones that were there.
•It is beautifully shot and there are some really good scenes/environments (Villeneuve makes neat-looking movies and Roger Deakins is the god of DOPs).
•The casting of Ryan Gosling was... adequate and expected. It was a running joke since he was announced. Harrison Ford seemed to actually give half a shit, unlike some of his other reboot appearances. Leto is cartoonishly bad. Bautista is legitimately good. The rest were just eh.
•The whole (sub)plot between K/Joe and Joi had potential. Playing with themes of layers and degrees of artificiality and human-ness was not a terrible starting point but it wasn't either new or well developed and the supposed emotional payoff fell completely flat for me. I found it humorous rather than tragic.
•Against my best intentions I started compiling a mental list of plotholes, illogical character motives and pacing misfires about 30 minutes in, but gave up about 2 hours in because there were too many.
•Speaking of which, the movie is almost an hour longer than the original BR and absolutely does not justify it. It manages to do less with more real estate. It feels bigger but also emptier.
•The script is thick on exposition and ham-fisted explanations. It lacks any kind of subtlety. It's full of dialogue like "you must do x because of y". I literally rolled my eyes at the screen at one point.
•The callbacks and reused footage/audio is kept mercifully sparse but it still felt kinda tacky and basically just reminded me how much more charming the old movie was.
•What should have been the main narrative thrust, the detective/investigation story (Blade Runner worked so well because among other things it was also an effective noir movie) proceeds with stops and starts with no feeling of urgency or genuine mystery. It misses several opportunities for tight plotting to veer off into scenes that undermine its pacing.
•There is a brief setup of some serious stakes that basically gets dropped so the final emotional payoff of the movie doesn't have anything to do with those stakes but a relationship that the movie didn't make me feel invested in.

tl;dr: Pretty, too long with awful pacing, hammy dialogue, it doesn't sell its themes and ideas.

So is anyone even watching Twin Peaks?

After 25 years of obsesive nerdery and after several years of hype since the news of its return, the internet seems increadibly quiet about it. (Especially since the internet usually likes to loudly proclaim its opinions about stuff.)

Tonight I spilt beer on the table and the PHB and I still feel pretty terrible about it but:
a) the book wasn't ruined
b) save the incident the rest of the session was pretty great., kinda?

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If you read french, you can find a preview/ashcan version of the french translation of Sagas after this link (just scroll down a few times).

News from just the last day:
*US warships deployed to Korean peninsula [after Trump has recently said he's gonna "deal with North Korea"]
*Tillerson blames Russia for Syrian chemical attack while Russia and Iran say they will "respond with force" to any further US interventions in Syria

We're uncomfortably close to going from stable to extremely unstable.

+Paolo Greco +Brendan S I apologise if I missed an announcement but will Wonder & Wickedness be available in print again?

What are your favourite playsets? Alternatively, which playsets you have most reliably had fun with or keep coming back to?

There are so many cool ones but I'll be helping with a Fiasco night for non-gamers and I'm looking to limit the selection to a handful, instead of presenting people with 10000 possibilities.

(It's going to be a movie-themed even in a cinema, if that helps narrow it down.)

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I've already shared it to my circles, but I've only now realised I should probably share it here, too.

While I have been noodling with various stuff after Sagas, I haven't really had the time or brainspace to spend on designing new games. I'm now trying to get back into it and I set up a Patreon for ongoing projects. Come check it out.
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