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Went over to my brothers small holding on sunday to sort out some of his many trees, Putting him to work, he's got a bit of firewood to sort out now, its only willow but it'll burn and the price is right

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Essential tools - Pole pruners/hook
This is one of those tools I went for years without and now wonder how on earth I managed, I now take them to every job They may not get used on every job but I'd sooner have them and not need them than need them and not have them! I have x2 4ft poles and x...

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More Pruning
Some more fruit tree pruning this week This was a cluttered 'Newton Wonder' a good cooker apparently  After - a good thin of the centre and some of the lower scaffold branches, as well as reducing the height.  Shame it was a bit of a wet day Made wetter by ...

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Lots to chip
Had a big job on last week, definitely one of the biggest domestic jobs I've done to date, not in terms of size of tree more to do with volume of wood chip we had to remove from site. For some reason I forgot to get a before picture of the trees, so it was ...

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Few recent pics
Just a few pics from instagram I've recently added

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Horse Chestnut take down
Got called in to help a couple of friends with a biggish job they'd picked up. I was just there for the day with the goal of getting the tree down in a day, as the guys were coming back the following day to split the remaining wood and tidy up. It was quite...

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Winter Work
Spent a weekend before Christmas helping out a couple of friends and some jobs of there own they had on First up was a fairly straight forward leylandii fell, only made tricky by the sheer volume of wood chip, good job most of it was staying on site Next wa...

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Van sign writing
Had My truck sign written over the Christmas period Pretty pleased with the outcome 

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Ivy clad Ash fell
This one was a bit of a pain   A previously reduced ash that was swamped in ivy   Managed to get most of the brash out after finishing a smaller job in the morning     Then back the next day to get the stems down   and everything cleared away   One load of ...

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Stihl ms200t - refurbs
  Decided to do something about my old climbing saws that had sat around unused since I got my new husky.  They had both been pretty temperamental for some time, and only one would ever work at anyone time.      I can do most aspects of saw maintenance mys...
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