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David Brooks
Musician, Designer, Developer and Photographer.
Musician, Designer, Developer and Photographer.

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Perhaps this has been asked and I just missed it, but are there known JavaScript issues with upgrading to 4.5.5? I just updated a site and it seemed good until I went to adjust an article image in an existing article and it threw: [Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating '$(textpattern.do_spellcheck).prop("spellcheck", true)')
(anonymous function) (textpattern.js, line 881)
[Error] Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@href*='#advanced']
in console. 
What am I missing? Thanks!

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"On the Ancestry of Star Wars":

Does anyone know if newer versions of Textpattern are using some sort of caching mechanism? In the last few sites/updates I've worked with, I'll hit a page and it'll do something strange, like go all white. I know the page is fine because I was just on it, but nevertheless, it's white. I can refresh it a few times, clear my own cache and nothing fixes it in my browser. However, if I go to /textpattern and do something like flip the site to testing mode and then back to live, it works fine again. Just curious if anyone else has seen this. 

The nice people at Tech Smith interviewed me about my app Thousand Wires ( and how I use Camtasia:

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Our latest article, Using Snow to Place Your Garden.

We've been without a microwave for over a month now, and to be completely honest, I'm not sure how the Pilgrims lived without them. I bet they had a lot of unfinished leftovers in their fridges all the time.

Poll: how do you buy music? Do you prefer digital, vinyl, or CD?

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It's sad how much it takes for an artist to make a living in music. I'll be buying more physical albums and doing less streaming with Spotify and Rdio. Both are great services, but if an artist can't make a living at it they'll have to do something else instead.
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