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I dug the Walking Dead finale. And not just because Daryl made a racist joke.
A season comes to a close with the cast a little lighter, many bullets fired and a few lessons learned. This might not be a democracy but it is the final Dissection of the year so you might as well cl...
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who the hell was jimmy? invented character? wtf?
Shane did try to kill Rick.. why was anyone upset that Rick defended himself? Some of the character reactions in this episode just seemed really awkward to me.
There's only one question I still ask, how did everyone get infected or what caused it? The season really picked up after the barn was opened. I can't wait for next season. Good post JRY.
+Chris Henson I think we know all we will about the infection... being that the only person left at the CDC is dead and gone in a firey explosion. Unless there is another self sustaning research group working on a solution to the zombies, I wouldn't expect much more on how or why the infection spread the way it did.
+Kyle Van Middlesworth +Chris Henson You don't need a self sustaining research group to find out "how it all began". They could go with the group meeting one person, still alive, that was in the know to begin with (or talked to someone in the know). True, they wouldn't really know if what they said was true, but still, there are many ways they could go if they wanted that story told. I personally don't believe thats a route they will take though. It's not a focus of the story. The CDC was just a stepping stone in character growth. +rusty merritt I agree, the reactions were very awkward.
Rick was killing me with his lede burying.

"I killed Shane." instead of "Shane tried to murder me, I killed him in self-defense."

I really don't know why the characters would react with indignation to something that Rick didn't know was true until 4 hours ago. Oh well. Mad Men is back next week.
There have been a lot of times, in this show, I found the dialogue painful to sit through and I wonder what the writers were thinking. But in that moment, Lori's reaction kills me more. Really woman? She is the type of character that ends up getting everyone killed for something small and stupid. Rick you can at least play it off that it was his grief speaking.
I think Lori might have been more upset that carl was involved in the Shane killing / the fact that she doesn't pay attention to her own son enough to realize that he ran away yet again. She would rather put the blame on anyone but herself so now it is ricks fault. She doesn't even take the time to understand that Carl saved her husbands life.
i had forgotten about the infection but the episode was killer
+Tabitha Walters I completely understand if the question of the infection is never answered. I do like how the story is focused around the group and individuals.

+Kyle Van Middlesworth Lori did a lot of overreacting. She knew how Shane was and didn't even think twice about what could have happened. She may not have wanted him dead but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want her husband dead either.

Did Carl every really get taught to shoot well before the incident with Shane. That was a hell of a shot for a kid to make past his dad to shoot Shane in the head.
I've read a lot of commentary on the finale, and two things sit with me, revolving around Carol's "questioning of the leadership" at camp and the revelation of "what Jenner said":

1) If you outsource your decisions to a third party, and find yourself not happy with their choice, you have no room to complain. I haven't seen Carol express an opinion, and the one time I can remember her being asked for one (Dale about the prisoner), she deferred to the group. You want a man (or woman) of honor, well then hell, step up!

2) Since the CDC, what has Rick been doing? Trying to find Sophia, trying to save Carl, recovering from blood loss, dealing with Shane, dealing with Herschal, dealing with Shane's initiation of Operation: Barn Massacre, dealing with Shane, dealing with Herschal, dealing with Carl, dealing with Shane, killing Shane. I don't think the man has had 5 seconds to take a crap, let alone process the information from Jenner and find a way to deliver it to the group that will not send them into a dramatic spiral. Can you really blame him?

As far as the Shane/Rick leadership dynamic goes, seems to me that its like this: both men put the safety of the group and their family as paramount.

- Rick: Was willing to listen to the group and make the decision that would benefit them all, even if he didn't agree with it.
- Shane: Was willing to make the decision that he felt would benefit the group, regardless of whether the group agreed or not.

Both are valid and common leadership styles... both have their strengths and weaknesses. I think good leadership falls somewhere in between these two extreme styles.
Halfway through the episode and all I have to say is Lori has no right to react the way she does, she needs to watch her damn son and he wouldn't get in the predicaments he does
I still do not think we should forgive and forget how lame most of the season was. Like i said in my last comment this is a tried and true formula for stretching out the series when there is no viable story line to follow and the advertisers are happy as hell because they have lots of air time to show their wares. Maybe it's that i have been screwed by the networks for over 50 years and am just tired of wasting time watching a show that is only 1/3 worth watching. I will take action in my own way for the writers screwing the best show on T V and i hope the viewers also do something to show that they are not happy about what they saw. My tirade would not be complete without a super big thanks to Justin Robert Young for the most concise analogy on the web. His insight has shown that you do not need to be getting a paycheque to write something that people read and appreciate. Maybe if more people like him were writing T V it would not be as bad as it has been. How about a fan written episode and the writers are selected by submitting a synopsis of their proposed story line and the fans vote. It can't get worse than it is now and probably will be better. That will never happen i'm sorry to say because the sponsors call the shots as to how it will be written. They pay so they are the boss. That's how T V has operated for over 50 years and the only change i see is web T V, and it will blow this old and outdated form of control that sponsors have out of the water. In my opinion this needs to happen as soon as possible to get back the creditably that writers of T V once had and should now have.
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