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“This work is important because it suggests that people often act unethically not because they are desperate and in the dumps, but because they feel entitled and want to get ahead,” said evolutionary psychologist and consumer researcher Vladas Griskevicius of the University of Minnesota, who was not involved in the work. “I am especially impressed that the findings are consistent across seven different studies with varied methodologies. This work is not just good science, but it is shows deeper insight into the reasons why people lie, cheat, and steal.”

Dear Republican candidates, Our national symbol is engraved: "Give me your tired, your poor..." not "your degreed, rich people." #cnndebate

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"Koalas are native to what country?" An answer choice: California

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#TroyDavis #DerrickMason #Lawrence Brewer

Oh, I like Google+'s edit feature!

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+Adam Frazier, you might be interested in this too. #TroyDavis #DerrickMason #LawrenceBrewer

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I stand with Allen Ault and say, "NO MORE!!"

"However, the world ends in December 2012 at winter solstice. So it doesn't really matter and change will take longer than a year anyway, which our country cannot afford. And no, I am not joking." -email from one uncle in response to a pro-Tea Party/Constitution Party email from another uncle (although, to be fair, he also swears he was abducted by aliens)

This may be a stupid question... but how do I write on someone's wall in Google+?
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