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I did not expect this result. I thought the regex would have been much slower.

(new Date(2013,2,10,2,30,0)).getTime()

Firefox: 1362900600000
Chrome: 1362897000000

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We've been playing this game a bunch at work, and it's been a blast. I think we could easily play this over a hangout sometime. Any interest? It would probably only last ~45 minutes.

I'd write a quick program to email everyone their roles randomly. We'd have to all promise not to IM each other outside of the hangout. Everyone would accept or reject missions using paper they just hold up to the screen, and the secret voting could be done with an anonymous google docs poll.

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Hey look I'm on the internet.

I think slides are going to be posted somewhere on the I/O site. I'll reshare once they put them up.

I'm looking to start using a graph database, and so far I think neo4j and orient don't have what I'm looking for.

I need to be able to store an undirected, complete graph, where the edges store a number. I want to be able to search that graph with things like "starting at this node, give me the set of all nodes I can travel to only following edges with a value greater than n".

Searching for such a thing is hard, or maybe I just don't know the right terminology.


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Hey look at this thing I'm going to do.

So jQuery is absolutely terrible with SVG elements. It may have been too much of a pain to do it properly, which is understandable. Most of what I want to do is DOM traversal, which I would have expected to be pretty straightforward.

$elem.siblings('selector'); // doesn't work
$elem.parent().find('selector'); // works fine

$('<line x1="0" y1="0" x2="10" y2="10"/>'); // does not create a proper line element. somehow.

$elem.addClass('foo'); // doesn't work
elem.classList.add('foo'); // works fine (note elem isn't a jQuery object in this case)

Maybe I shouldn't be using jQuery at all for this, and just roll my own solution. Or find a jQuery plugin that does what I want.

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Today I learned about "pointer-events: none;", which is reasonably amazing.

Thanks to +Ned Burns , lord of CSS.

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These are things I've printed out with my receipt printer. I've been working on an android app that will print out random creatures so we can play Momir Basic and MoJhoSto.

Read these links if you're not familiar with the games:

Still got some work to do, but we're getting there. It'll be done by PAX East.

Also, a picture of a fluffy kitten.
March 4, 2013
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