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It is incredibly cold outside. Over the past week this part of the world has had considerable snow. I believe the totals in the New England area vary between 36 and 40 inches since last Tuesday. Not only has it been incredibly cold and snowy but there have ...

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Statue of St. Benedict of Nursia Photo by W. Trachim  I have always liked photography. There is something to be said about artistry when talking about photographs as opposed to painting, writing, music, or any other artistic medium. I have never, ever consi...

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The 2014 Holidays
I often find myself reflecting on this subject - at least once a year. And it only happens because of the difficulty that seems to be present. When it does, I am fully aware of the weight it adds to me. Figuratively, of course. And I am certainly not the on...

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Four Degrees
That is the current temperature outside as I write this post. Nearly 1:00AM and I am still awake. What a surprise.... I suppose that has become the new normal over the past few weeks. Probably due to the changes in my work schedule; I have no doubt that the...

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Measurable Snow
As I write this, I am watching snow fall outside of my house. It is not terribly cold out, but the snow is definitely falling. It's not a huge surprise; since we're into the second week of December there should be an expectation of snowfall by now. And I be...
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