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Drew Endy wants to build a programming language for the body.

Endy is the co-director of the International Open Facility Advancing Biotechnology — BIOFAB, for short — where he’s part of a team that’s developing a language that will use genetic data to actually program biological cells. That may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but the project is already underway, and the team intends to open source the language, so that other scientists can use it and modify it and perfect it.

The effort is part of a sweeping movement to grab hold of our genetic data and directly improve the way our bodies behave — a process known as bioengineering. With the Supreme Court exploring whether genes can be patented, the bioengineering world is at crossroads, but scientists like Endy continue to push this technology forward.
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Lucas Jack

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The Kinemax Theater at Futuroscope park, France by Denis Laming
15 unbelievable examples of modern architecture ►
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Lucas Jack

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500 Photographs of Coachella 2013

Whew!  Finally finished up processing my Coachella photos tonight.  I've been working on them very hard since last weekend. 


Total frames taken:  15,184
Total photos processed:  1,415
Total photos uploaded:  500

I'll move the other 900 or so that I haven't published into normal random rotation with my other photos as I usually upload.

I had such a great time shooting this event.  I'm hyper focused on shooting America and Coachella is an example of a prime American music festival.  I'd never been before and really enjoyed my first time.

Thanks to
+Sam Levin and +JBL for sponsoring the trip down there.  I hope I get a chance to go down there again next year with you guys if you do it again.  

Along with organizer +Sam Levin also on the JBL trip were +Robert Scoble  +Greg Kihn  +Chris Voss  +Daniel Brusilovsky  +Jen Friel and +Ron Sheridan 

My wife +Julia Peterson  came down with me and brought our four kids as well.  They didn't do the festival or anything but enjoyed hanging out at the pool at the Hyatt while dad went and shot rock and roll.

For most of the festival +Robert Scoble and I were attached at the hip.  I shot Austin City Limits' Musical Festival with Robert previously and I think we make a good combination out there working the festival.  Robert brought along two giant telephoto lenses from , a 600mm and a 400mm.  These lenses were heavy as hell and kicked our asses but were really awesome to have.  It allowed us to shoot many of the bands beyond the 3 song pit limit from further back.  We were the only two people there with big lenses and people were commenting on them constantly.  

Robert kept his big lens on most of the festival except when he put the 8-15mm fisheye on to get some AMAZING crowd shots.  Check out his photos of the event here:

It was nice having a pal to shoot the show with.  Robert's been a friend of mine for about a decade and it was good getting to spend a lot of one on one time with him this weekend.  

We drove to and from the festival in an RV sponsored by JBL.  Listening to +Greg Kihn play guitar and tell stories about the rock and roll business on the way down was one of the highlights for me.  

Sam brought us some awesome schwag bags which included +Seagate  hard drives and +Go Pro cameras and +Oakley  sunglasses and all kinds of other super cool stuff.  Thanks Sam for making the trip such a super fun time!

I'm posting my primary archive of this event on Flickr.

Why Flickr?  Because flickr gives me unlimited high res photos for $24.95 per year and I can organize my set of images by keyword and ordered by interestingness.  Who else can do that?  Nobody.

I've been posting some of the more popular shots on G+ and Facebook, but Flickr still is the champ as far as hosting a serious archive of organized images goes.  

Flickr slideshows also look AWESOME on AppleTV.  If you haven't tried that yet, you should.  You can incorporate your iTunes music library and watch beautiful slideshows of any of your (or your friends) sets from Flickr on full large screen plasma glory.

Shooting this festival this past weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.  +JBL  you guys are so awesome for getting Scoble and I the media credential to get our big cameras into this thing.  

I'm hoping to get to shoot more music festivals in the future.  I applied for a media credential for Napa Valley's Bottlerock music festival next month.  Hopefully I'll be able to get accepted for that.  If anyone else has an in at other American music festivals, drop me a line, I'd LOVE to plan on shooting more.

I think my favorite act I saw this year was +Alex Clare.  I also liked seeing The Guards a lot as well as James Blake, +Gaslight Anthem  and the Lumineers.  

I liked the Postal Service too, but was a little bummed that it required an additional pass to get into the photographers pit to shoot that act.  :(

I think I liked shooting the people most of all though.  I love shooting fashion and with all the kids hitting the festival they were all decked out in what all the kids are wearing these days.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with a solid week of festival photos.  I'll go back to my regular sort of mix of random photography starting tomorrow.  In the meantime if you want to check out the finished product of photos you can do that here:

#coachella #coachella2013 #jbltakescoachella  
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Lucas Jack

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Ì love the beauty of fractals. I remember using programs for creating Mandelbrot calculation in 1994 already. Even once wrote one in basic. 
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Lucas Jack

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Science as art--the hidden beauty of small stuff.

Photos of nanoscale materials that could double as art from the Materials Research Society contest.

Photo credit: Materials Research Society Science as Art Competition and Joong Hwan Bahng, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
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