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Cajun Coyote, Thunderbird Moonlight 10km, and a Year's Journey
It is crazy to think that it has been a whole year since I started sharing my running journey on this blog. If I were to measure the success of this year based on racing performances and on miles covered it would be a disappointment; however, this year has ...

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Well, it has been quite sometime since my last post; unfortunately, there is a very legitimate reason for that, which is lack of running. It is hard to write about running when you aren't doing it. Such an unfortunate dilemma. However, things are looking up...

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2014 WFHS XC High Altitude Trip
At the end of July, nearly every summer for the past ten years, my former high school cross country team makes a trip to Colorado for some high altitude training. The trip is designed to award those runners who have been training with the team all summer an...

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Struggling for Balance
                I have
decided to back out of the US Mountain Running Team Qualifiers this year. It
was a tough decision to accept but one that must be done. For those that don’t
know, I’m chasing my dreams and one of those is making the US Mountain Running...

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2014 Forge Racing Hell's Hills 10km Race Report
After returning from northeast Tennessee on Tuesday, I decided to take it easy this week because of my long stint in the mountains and to taper for Hell's Hills in case of some stiff competition showing up. Unfortunately, my legs were pretty beat up from th...

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Another Week in the Mountains
Since the knee injury it has been tough getting in both quality and quantity mileage. The previous weeks left me with sore shins and tender spots that left me worrying about possible stress fractures. So, I started taking it easy on the workouts by not runn...

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Roan Mountain Photos
As promised here are some photos I took while running on Roan Mountain. All of these were taken with the camera on my phone. Enjoy. As I said earlier these photos do not do it justice!

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Northeast Tennessee Spring Break
After running Forge Racing's Faint of Hear 4 miler this past Saturday, I caught a plane bound for northeast Tennessee. Maureen recently accepted a nice job up here, she is the new Nursery Crop Specialist Extension Agent for a thirty-three county area, basic...

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Training Weeks (03/31-04/12) and Forge Racing Faint of Heart 4 Miler
So things are finally returning to normal; however, I plan to keep my weekly mileage pretty low until May then I'll start hitting it hard before USMRT. Now, I'm just happy to be able to run consistently, here is my breakdown for the past two weeks with a qu...

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Some Thoughts on Injuries
     Well, it’s been a number of weeks since my
last post and there is a reason for it. Unfortunately, I have forced myself to
take a few weeks off due to my nagging knee and now I am now slowly making a return
to my usual training program. What started as ...
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