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Our guest for this Friday's Hangout believes in two key principles: Find opportunities where no one else is looking; And, never fail the same way twice. Seems like good advice.

+Jascha Kaykas-Wolff   is the current Marketing Officer at BitTorrent, well-known for its decentralized, peer-to-peer protocol, typically used for file-sharing.

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#MarTech  Speaker Notes

+Jascha Kaykas-Wolff,@kaykas 
CMO, BitTorrent

Agile Marketing: News Ways of Managing a New Era of Marketing (and Business)
Presentation (loved this design!): 

• CEOs backgrounds are sales, they’re used to revenue generation.
• Agile development - waterfall.

• Customer = Marketing.
• VS. Customer = Customer.
- but when we got the technology to let customers be customers in the eyes of analytics, the business processes stopped working. 
- check out the agile development manifesto (
• Customer = Channel. 
- marketing is bound to the same challenge engineers are tied to for the past 20 years … 

Storytelling is math. 
- Example of asking kids to tell a story, then to tell the story from a different perspective. 
- The best storytellers were the math kids. :) 
- The person who’s collecting / analyzing the data is the one who will know the story best. 

-  Re: hiring: character and plot - words are seeds. 
-  The agile process relies on good communications. 
• Must be good at math: hypothesis testing (prove, or more importantly disprove, theories). 

-  Good, quality feedback is one of the best ways to grow emotional stability and health of an organization. 
-  Pair development (look into:
-  Describe, analyze, evaluate. (stand-up, scrum team) - the need for positive feedback. 

The Backlog Is Your Priority
-  If the CEO talks corporate strategy, if often doesn’t resonate to the ranks. It should though.  

Culture Is More than Words
- What’s the muscle memory of your organization?

How to Get Started
-  Find a project that flexes muscles across departments.
-  Once it’s run-through, be the person to help celebrate it.

•• New Book  _Growing Up Fast: How New Agile Practices Can Move Marketing and Innovation Past the Old Business Stalemates_


• Challenges: Finding teams that are truly autonomous, and fully able to prioritize and make decisions. (Note: PR 2020 can’t do this because often clients make priorities and decisions.)
• You have to be in the work and participating if anyone is going to listen to you. 

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What lessons can you learn about content marketing from the CMO of BitTorrent? Find out in this interview with +Jascha Kaykas-Wolff where he discusses strategy, audience, visuals, ROI and lessons from Alice in Wonderland.

This interview is a great primer for the upcoming series of Content Marketing in Wonderland eBooks we're publishing starting Aug 4th and the +Content Marketing Institute #CMWorld conference in Sept.

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