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Gracie G
I am a teacher passing herself off as an academic. I read. I draw. I write weirdness.
I am a teacher passing herself off as an academic. I read. I draw. I write weirdness.

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That awkward moment when the person who didn't make the money wants to question what you did with your money. 

You can't just smack some folks upside the head with a dose of understanding, common sense, or knowledge, but it sure would be useful. 

Mother's Day next to always is a travesty. I have to survive commencement on Saturday and likely being forgotten on Sunday. Being forgotten would be better than some of the recent iterations of this holiday at my house. 

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Ableism is not a way to weed out students!!! No more CEO presidents! 

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Adjunct Summer Stories, Part I: What is Your Labor Worth?
Adjunct Summer is an ugly time.  So ugly, in fact, that this will be a three-part post as the end of the season draws nigh.  Some of us--the lucky ones that got contracts--will return to work.  Eventually, our schools will pay us.  Some of us have found oth...

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Fellow adjuncts, Union brethren: sign for solidarity with Duquesne U's adjuncts, who are being threatened with firing for organizing with the United Steelworkers and testifying before the NLRB.

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Babiest One is one now, complete with cupcake face plant. 

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Andrew knocks it out of the part and offers no quarter either. 

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Adjunct Summer is a Comin' In
It is now the end of my second academic season since beginning this blog.  I'm happy to report that much has changed since this time last year.  I've taken a writing education-related position at a university.  I moved my family a few hours away from our fo...

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I'm NOT your Thought-Exercise
Recently, some libertarian legend in his own mind decided that attacking adjuncts from the safety of his tenure-track, but not yet tenured job would be a good idea.  Obviously this is all the fault of adjuncts for their poor life choices, he wrote as if no ...
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