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C The Middle Shelf
The Middle Shelf is a scifi and fantasy books reviews blog, with regular reviews of diverse stories.
The Middle Shelf is a scifi and fantasy books reviews blog, with regular reviews of diverse stories.
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Alexis Wright, The Swan Book.

The Swan Book is a unique own voices novel, set in Australia in the near future and steeped in the supernatural.
Find out more here.

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Of female writers, PoC writers and quotas.

Gareth Beniston wrote a very interesting blog post on the Shadow Clarke website about quotas.
While it addresses the issue in the context of an award, I wanted to address the issue in the context of a book blog, particularly one such as mine which has strict guidelines, a.k.a. quotas.

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Two writers of colour and the Lovecraft legacy.

A short essay about The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle and Hammers on Bone by Cassandra Khaw (spoiler warning!).

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Dan Grace, Winter.

A fascinating slow cadence for this out of season novella, taking place in the near future but steeped in the supernatural.

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Jen Williams, The Copper Promise.

Adventure, adventure, adventure! All of that and more in this epic and heroic fantasy trilogy.

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Hello Google+!

Right, presentations and all that... Let's get cracking!

I'm C. and I'm here to chat about scifi and fantasy books. I'll also promote posts on my books reviews blog The Middle Shelf.

I publish three reviews a month on my blog, from literary speculative fiction to unabashed adventure stories. I alternate reviews for female and male writers and at least once a month a month I review a writer of colour, because scifi and fantasy are genres as diverse as our world.

I've been a scifi reader since I found in the attic boxes full of my dad's old 60s scifi novels when I was in my early teens... That was now quite a while ago! (Where's a time turner when you need one?)

My goal in life is to become a holodeck addict, but since it's not been invented yet, in the meantime, I'll have to make do with books. (Oh, the hardship!)

Have a nice day!

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