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This is not a story about a duck. Or a goose. It's about a small miraculous event with a boy named Robbie.

Right up the road from me is Blue Hill at Stone Barns; world famous as one of the centers of the sustainable farming and locavore movements here in the US. They raise all sorts of amazing animals and had just brought in a new flock of geese called the Toulouse Goose (right) from France. 
They were having a feathered cocktail party, mingling with some of my favorite ducks who I find fascinating, expressive and fabulous.
I was sitting crosslegged on the ground outside their enclosure waiting patiently for them to notice me.
I got lost in studying them when I realized I had company.
An adorable little boy about 4 or 5 years old had sat down right next to me and was staring at the birds (or so I thought.) 
I said "hi" but he didn't answer; rather he just looked at me blankly.
I heard shuffling behind us and looked back to his parents and said "Hello"
They mouthed  to me "he has autism." 
I paused and then asked them his name.
The said "Robert but everyone calls him Robbie."
So I turned back and said "Hi Robbie" and started telling him about the geese and ducks; how special they were. How I loved listening to them speak and sing and how messy they were when taking a drink my daughter Lindsey who always leaves clues as to what she's had to eat or drink.
All he did was look at me blankly.
I went back to shooting. I had my big white 70 - 300mm lens and started clicking away. About 50 or so shots in I happened to look back over at Robbie and he was staring at my camera. I shot some more. And then looked back to Robbie. He was still looking at my camera so intently.
It was a different look and I'm not sure why but I took the camera and put it in front of him to let him look through the eyepiece while I zoomed in.
He started giggling and wiggling, hooting and clapping his hands.
The transformation was amazing.
I looked over at Robbie's parents.
His mom's eyes were moist and his dad looked like he'd won an impossibly huge prize. 
I had chills and my voice cracked when I said "someone needs to buy someone their first camera." 
Robbie's father said "yup...think we're gunna go straight from here."

It was an absolutely magic moment.
An overwhelmingly magic moment. 
I have chills even now as I type this.
I know the power, connection and bliss I feel with a camera in my hand.
I know how it has added something amazing to my life. Transformed my life.
That I could see it (hopefully) take hold of another person was truly spectacular.
Just had to share this moment with you all.

Stay inspired. And perhaps today you can hand some inspiration off to someone special.
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Paper Thin

We all become paper thin
Light shines through, not on
We all become lost in the pages
The pages of life start to turn too fast
And we all become paper thin
Worn through with reading
Worn through with existence
The cover shows the wear of life
But so many unread stories lie within.

We all become paper thin.
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