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Dayton rally 0 celebrity performers......Columbus had Sean Carter and Bruce Springsteen. Hmm

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Paul Ryan facial expressions will lose the debate tonight. Watch the big swallows!
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Fox and Friends is just AWFUL! Just saying the word "SOME" combined with people is lazy, dare I say journalism. This shouldn't make them feel they have a free pass not embellish stories to fit their agenda, by just adding this modifier. Nor should any other media outlet. 

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Happy Birthday to the ground!

Is Omarion part of MMG now? Let's Talk!

MMG Presents Self Made Vol. 2

I think me likely!

Who wants to donate their Google I/O device to ME?! Only need one person to be so kind!

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220 lb. goal will be reached by 7/16! FOCUSED 

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$.25 in the Play Store had to buy it! 
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