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Beware Of Baron Von Bulk
Beware Of Baron Von Bulk
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Here are the links to the ‪Advocare‬ Spring Break Bundles....Get the Sun Bundle, Snow, Home or go for it all.

The same amount applies if you buy them separately but if you choose the Bundles here's what you'll get....

*SUN BUNDLE (37 Free Workouts, 2 Meal Plans)

*SNOW BUNDLE (37 Free Workouts, 2 Meal Plans)

*HOME BUNDLE (37 Free Workouts, 2 Meal Plans)

*GET THEM ALL (55 Free Workouts, 4 Meal Plans)

As always whether its a bundle or separate purchase, I will call/text or email you on your progress and keep in touch with you and help you on your journey. Contact me for more info.

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Monkeying Around Is For Me A Compliment
In the short couple days that I've had my Pull-Up Rack, its becoming very addicting and fun to use. When I get too tired from the hanging and pull-ups, I move like an ape on the ground walking, jumping and a lot more. That's the beauty of monkeying around w...

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Hanging At The Bar Works Wonders For Your Health
Thought I'd start off with a little joke. No i'm not talking about an establishment that serves alcohol. For people that really know me know I don't drink and get wasted. For me, going to a bar means something different; more jungle like and developing phys...

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Every Story Starts Somewhere
Where Does Your Story Begin??? In one of my episodes on my Power & Might Facebook Page , I talked about what comics can do to inspire others to get in shape and build on ideas of using stories as certain aspects of motivation. Here's a piece of what was in ...

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The Wild Is A Sanctuary
Jungle Workouts or Play is a gift of giving us back our roots to nature. Being able to handle our body's natural abilities of jumping, crawling, swimming, running (Sprint not jogging), balancing and have the strength to move in awkward positions is essentia...

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Do You Have Jungle Fever?
In the jungle, in order to survive you must move and be aware of your surroundings. In the fitness world, moving efficiently creates better muscular development and acquiring the ability to strengthen the body from awkward angles. Animal Exercise is a compl...

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Do you have physical or mental fatigue? If so, there’s a little-known class of herbs that can help you out. These herbs, known as adaptogens, help to fight all kinds of fatigue. Check this out… This comes from a paper titled Effects of Adaptogens on the Cen...

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Caffeine vs. Adaptogens
Most people drink coffee for its stimulant and energizing effects. Yet take a look at this… Stimulants just don’t stack up to adaptogens. If you’re not familiar with adaptogens, is a group of natural herbs and compounds that, essentially, help the body bett...

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Shifting To Other Methods At Odd Times (Being Intuitive)
I talked last about staying with doing Burpee HIIT Workouts 3x a week and doing 20 min. Animal Workouts 4x a week and see where it goes. Turns out not so good, the animal workout was so addicting I couldn't walk away from it and Burpees & HIIT went out the ...

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How Long Should An Animal Workout Be?
Some programs prefer time limits, others go with a free for all and sometimes they just go by feel. I like to go by feel because even though a structured system is doable, it can also restrict how you feel in a workout. When you're short on time, you want t...
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