Kate Upton Drops Serious Sexy Bomb of Her Seductive Shoot for Vogue Italia

Damn, Kate Upton is so effin' hot. How hot? Well, enough so that you're going to be watching her in an artsy, stylish, fashionable photoshoot for Vogue Italia, because when Kate Upton stares alluringly into the camera, while caressing her own body beneath some modern but revealing wardrobe, well, all you're going to be thinking about is merging your peanut butter with her chocolate, if you catch my drift.

See More Photos from Behind the Scenes of Her Photo Shoot » http://www.egotastic.com/2012/11/kate-upton-drops-serious-sexy-bomb-behind-the-scenes-of-her-seductive-shoot-for-vogue-italia-video/

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