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World's first super bus: takes 23 passengers, worth £7 million, and has a top speed of 155mph

Developed in Holland by an astronaut and a former Formula One aerodynamics expert, the midnight-blue, electric-powered vehicle costs £7million and was flown to the United Arab Emirates where it will be used by a sheikh to commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The hi-tech bus means he will be able to complete the 75-mile commute from Dubai to neighbouring Abu Dhabi in under 30 minutes.

Made of lightweight materials including aluminium, carbon fibre, fibreglass and polycarbonate, it is 49ft long (15 metres), 8ft wide (2.5 metres) and 5ft 5in high (1.65 metres).

Passengers will be able to enjoy comfort equal to that of a luxury limousine or private jet. The super bus has eight gullwing-style doors on each side to allow for a swift exit.

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The problem is you will need a super street to drive the super bus!
What happens if the street has a small rise? Looks like this bus would get hung up on any street that wasn't as flat as a runway.
its very actual to build low-flying-spaceships between first and second waves of world finance crisis :(
I think I would rather have a regular bus. I don't like it.
They should play the song super bass by nicki minaj on the super bus! (sorry, lame joke...)
That place has turned into a pissing contest. who can do the most absurd things with oil debt? These guys are just laughing their way up to their 230th floor penthouse.
But uses too much oil, l think.
hi my name his sam
A bus at 155mph? Guess if you are doing to die in a fiery crash, it should be in style.
I can see that in sanfrancisco...flyng (or rolling) down the hills...only to get stuck at the bottom...another question to ask is how well it turns...oh, I have an idea, lets see if we can drive if off a cliff to test its flight abilities! lol.
Looks to close to the ground! It should scrap road kill off the freeways pretty well.
Something tells me this is more of a drag car than a circuit racer ;)
I like Jalopnik's title best:

"Awesome Vehicle Invented to Solve Nonexistent Problem"
It seems to be flawed in that it should have been designed to accommodate stewardesses serving in-drive refreshments.
Holy Crap can not even begin to explain this(also if u look at the back pic it looks like has the rear end of a Bentley)
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Min Xu
looks like a big worm
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don't die alone, and let's do it faster
Thinking where to park.
HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THAT CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :)
Must be worth a fortune!
+Taylor Marlborough is a bus...not a car. but for the sake of arguing, let's all just call it a V.O.T. (Vehicle of Transportation)
A bus that only takes 23 people is not worth 7 million.
One camel away from disaster....
+Josephine Miller ...well technically a bus shouldn't be that price even at that much speed. I just feel sorry for the idiots that buy it only to realize it can only travel in a straight line or make extremely wide turns.
requires a dedicated infrastructure only for the super bus. kind of defeats the purpose ...
too fast and tooo expensive
What's the point of going fast when you can't go fast? I'd rather the U.S invest in bullet trains.
That is a limo not a bus! if all busses were this way no one would drive themselves.
oka cmp
mantaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbb man.............
....and with the turning circle of an aircraft carrier, the road clearance of a Tonka toy, and a cleverly designed crumple zone in which soft human carcasses will ably cushion the impact, it was bound to be a winner.... NOT! Ridiculous.
Now thats cool anyone got 7mil for me!! seriously
dream bus.. When can i see it in my living place?
That is kool I would ride in this all the time
The sheikh needs to be spending his money on longevity research so we can all be rejuvenated back to 21yrs old.
WHOA freaky cool. It looks like a really long bat-mobile (which is superduperty freaky cool on its' own).
I can beat that. The bus I take holds 63 persons between 6am-7pm
with a top speed of 33 mph, on a good day-standing room only.
imposible car like a dreams people hope...
this is kooooool but can i ask ''IS IT A LONG TERM INVESTMENT OR SHORT ? '' WOOOOOOOOA
Oh, crumb -- I was hoping we could try it out in Holland and then recommend it to RTD for use between Boulder and Denver (since they just denied us the fast train we've been paying taxes for...)
I want it for Christmas.
I would pay *7 Billion dollars for that
WHY is your gasoline so EXPENSIVE? WAAAAaaaaAAAAAHHHhhhhhhhh
"used by a sheikh to commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai"
people are so dumb
Of course its going to Dubai. Dubai makes me sick................
Unless he has his own private road for the commute, I'd never sit in a fast moving ground vehicle.
look scary on the outside but elegant in the interior! Supa fly!
what is the point of that roads have speed limits and the only thing that would make it better than a regular bus is its miles to the gallon but that information isnt on here.
what if it comes upon a speed bump?
doesnt a regular bus hold more people and do the same job
I've seen something like this before...was there an earlier version?
Weli A
another oil money being wasted by a crazy sheikh.
How many airbags and cup
just a total waste there is no point
ko ko
give me birthday present for that car
what bus needs to go 155 miles an hour unless it's being taken over by Tom Cruise? lol
why am i getting all there lame geek n stuff...grew out of that when i got my first there an opt out of lame car google plus posts?
+Mike Johnson click on whats hot in the left bar, than at the top move the slider all the way left hope that helps
Build one of these on the US for gods sake!
Otherwise that is a cool bus!
Potholes in Omaha would blow the suspension right off of that thing!
nice and beautiful car.................................
abc def
No potholes allowed. This car rides so low a heavy person (me) in the middle would sag it enough to scrape the ground. Hmmmm. And at 155 mph the driver better be better than the best NASCAR driver.
just a crazy stupid megaloMANIAC !, worthless, better spend the money for the poor & homeless in the world. SICK !!!
If this doesn't take you back to 1984 @88mph then nothing ever will
Why doesn't he just buy a friggin helicopter.. way easier, cheaper, and faster...
1 seat equal to thousands of shelters for the homeless !!, HURTS !!!
it's missing an on-board mechanic...I'll do it!
dude come on its my car back off if your lucky i might let you touch it hahahah
Thats nicely cost will go down with mass production and efficiency
The movie Damnation Alley comes to mind. Wow, that movie is about 30 years old. 
how much for the fare?
and America doesn't even have a Super Train, Maybe this is what we are waiting for?!
wow thats alot of seats. ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!
i wonder how the handeling is on this bad big dose a turn have to be??? i like the idea if it, Cabbbs ar heeree...
I don't trust bus drivers going over 55 let alone 155
This was in an episode of Speed Racer called.
Episode 7.) Race Against the Mammoth Car, (Part 1)
Original Air Date: October 14, 1967
looking.... huge . but nice.
Its Unbeliveable....
nice one....
Ugly, but the speed is attractive - nonsense because of speed limits in countries. (?)
I am not sure..I bet some of those 23 are worth more than £7 million :)
Rear facing seats??? It'll take 'just under thirty minutes' to get that argument sorted
75mi/0.5hr = 150mi/hr. You tellin' me that photoshopped lowrider bus is gonna do 150 for any length of time? Calling shenanigans on this.
For those in Brisbane. It still will run late.
issss it for fule efisent,,,?
What a car!!!!
It's looks like a giant bird....
tooooooooooooooooooooooo long isnt it!!!!!!!!!
Ping He
Is it safe though? Does it have a separate reliable lane like a train? Otherwise, I see nothing but huge disaster ahead
This is not a bus,just a limousine
what a long car really fancy :D
This is not a bus,just a limousine
The front looks like cat fish. I no soon my country will go 4 it soon
Leo T
There are astronauts in Holland?! :O
the guys from Top Gear need to test drive that bad boy
if i got the cash i will go 4 it and use it for Torism to make money lol
thats really cool if it were real i would at least try to buy it
wooo...i like the interior arrangement its superb.
With a speed limit of 140 Km/h on the only road between the two emirates I guess this bus is going to get some big time exemption from traffic fines!
It looks like an alien worm,wat do you think?
To weird of a bus. But very awesome.
wow....!!! its amazn guys... 1st evr... bt wil it be succesfl ... or eco friendly .. or jst a waste of mney...???? 
ja dis shows dat da world is coming 2 an end
I tink it's fine but de size is somtin else.
this is amazing...........
nice one
Holy shyt! That's awesome! :D
I tink it's fine but de size is somtin else.
i think an ordinary car would win in a collision. all that lightweight material.
This funny its like i'm watching cartoons, some people don't know what to do with thier 7million's
This funny its like i'm watching cartoons, some people don't know what to do with thier 7million's
Up a@ 10:30 p.m. Watching Seinfeld re-runs is just as wild.
awesome..... 1st of it kind i hve ever seen
let d show begin first
How much can you buy it for... I WANT ONE
Ow...very highest technologys! i want2 get it? yeah!!!!
Bring it 2 india.... Plzzzzzzzz
are babam az ina dasht dadim b kargaremun
that was!!!

that was freaking awsome
It looks like a space craft/ship bt its fantastic
Dat's nice. For wisdom is not equaly shared.. Lol
Its awesome, but cost is prohibitive & shear waste of Money

I like the concept, just don't see the point on the body style.
Those Sheiks have all the fun!
how about the engine?, i didn't get much about it from this post except the fact that it is an electric one
Very cooool! I'm gonna get me one of these! Little run around for town, easy parking, low fuel consumption. Anyone got £7 million they can lend me.
Now even id want to catch the bus if it was that
its so marvellous.....
Can anyone explain to me why new ridiculous surface vehicles are still being fed resources when newer technologies much more efficient and long term cost effective, safer as well, are being starved at the drawing bored? It's time to find new engine technologies, or fully develop the current alternatives in today's market. They may just open the doors to better, effective means of transportation. Heck it may even get the tree huggers off the backs of the manufacturers. Besides, name 1 highway this vehicle could be used in for its intended high speeds without killing everyone onboard and in the vehicle it pierces through the rear. In the US alone no highway exceeds the speed limit of 70, legally.
Genial car,amazing idea !!!!!congratulations!!!!
hindustan ki road iske kabil nahin.
I gotta be honest, those seats just aren't that comfortable, not for 15--let alone 30 whole minutes. Not only is the view like a Rothko painting, my cell phone completely crapped out. I had to distract myself with concubines, fresh fruit, and melted arctic ice core water and I completely missed updating my Facebook for that half hour.
Also, you cannot smoke on the super bus, something they did not tell me soon enough.
All in all cool looking, but not all its cracked up to be. Believe you me.
a new adventure.very nice
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