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Erfun Kheirandish
Social Media Manager, Social Media Consultant
Social Media Manager, Social Media Consultant

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استفاده از مواد مخدر دومین عامل مرگ ومیر پس از تصادف در کشور است.
سر آقا سلامت! چشم آقا روشن! چه مملکت امام زمانی نازنینی داریم ما!

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دیدم یکی از دوستان بجای share واژه‌ی "هم‌رسانی" را بکار برده بود. خیلی خوش‌خوان‌تر و رساتر از "هم‌خوانی" است. سعی می‌کنم استفاده کنم.

بعد از دیدن صحنه‌های خاکسپاری #پاشایی، آقا به اهل بیت گفته تصمیم داره بره خواننده پاپ بشه تا شاید عاقبت بخیر بشه. #پروستات

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One 'legitimate target' in Gaza

Israel is committing war crimes with impunity. Why? 

#gaza   #gazaunderattack   #childrenofgaza   #gazachildren   #palestine   #israel_is_a_war_criminal  

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Stop this brutality

He is begging us to help him and other Gaza children and civilians. 
This IS warcrime.  

#gazaunderattack   #gaza   #palestine   #warcrimesingaza   #warcrimes   #stopisrael  

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A man who could not have children for 24 years but finally was blessed with a child. This child was killed in Israeli shelling.

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And the Israelis ... keep killing them. 

This indiscriminate bloodshed will only breeds more violence. 

"Israel don't kill me, I'm innocent"
A msg from one of the youngest protestors in #Vienna  
#Gaza #Palestine

Germany: World's best football hardware and software.

They deserve the trophy. 

#argentina   #germany   #worldcup   #worldcup2014brazil   #worldcup2014  

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Israeli woman wants Gaza removed from the face of the earth

They are having fun watching Gaza being bombarded. 

#gazaunderattack   #gaza  

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Open Air Live Cinema

Israeli citizens enjoying open air live cinema- what's on display? Gaza bombardments.

"Sderot cinema. Israelis bringing chairs 2 hilltop in sderot 2 watch latest from Gaza. Clapping when blasts are heard."

#gaza   #gazaunderattack  

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